Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yet again...

Me, being terrible with uploading photos? No way! I really need to replace that camera, but I'm being cheap. :P Why is it that when the kids need/want something, I don't think about dropping money on it - I just do it...but when it's for ME, I just can't? The joys of parenthood.

Sender's choice twinchies:


Car ATCs:

Sender's choice ATC:

Sender's choice skinny #3 (August):

True Blood set (for no real reason - I made them randomly):

Recycled backgrounds inchies:

I actually recycle random paper bits for inchies alllll the time, so this swap was right up my alley! (Okay, okay, most inchie swaps are right up my alley, hah!) I punch blanks from used notecards, envelopes, notepapers, etc - waste not, want not! (Plus a lot of it is really cute!)

Debating attempting to swap my True Blood set. I love me some True Blood, but I've never once kept an ATC I made. I'd be happy to trade 'em for other True Blood ATCs, but I've no idea if I'd be able to find someone willing to swap that many! Pam's quote is from one of the books, and made me laugh out loud when I read I had to use it. (This is the first time I've ever used a cuss word on anything and it feels a bit weird, but that quote was too hilariously awesome not to use.)

On-the-go/next up: 2 skull-themed ATCs. (I actually have six on the go, but need two for a swap.) Attempting to use up a TON of random crafty bits I've had kicking around for a while - I've made a ton of inchies over the last few days, have several ATCs on the go, etc. And finally, I need to attempt embossing for the first time. I have the basics now (including a heat tool!) but I think I'm sort of scared. :P

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gosh, I've been terrible for this!

Yeah, yeah me - uploading photos is getting harder and harder. I've been SO bad with this. Time to upload a bunch! In no particular order:

For a private swap with the lovely Julia:

Green ATC swap:

Purple ATC swap:

Pink ATC swaps:

A bunch of sender's choice swaps:

'One word' inchies (proof that my camera needs to be replaced - it disconnected midway through the upload and killed the photo, ugh):

PC purple ATC swap:

July sender's choice twinchies:

More Christmas-y ATCs:

July's kawaii ATCs:

I finally broke out the shimmery Mod Podge I bought a while ago, and used it on a few twinchies and ATCs - I officially LOVE that stuff! It's the first time I've ever used Mod Podge of any sort, and I'm really happy with the result. The shimmery stuff suits my likes very well - it's glittery, but not overwhelmingly so. I want to pick up a matte bottle next!

On-the-go/next up: Finishing my two car-themed ATCs - just need to do the stitched part. More random inchies, twinchies and ATCs. Pretending like I can actually tackle/organize my craft hoard. Attempting embossing for the first time - my heat tool just arrived the other day! :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

Name inchies, Christmas ATCs, random inchies.

Here we go with a few random swaps!

Inchie My Name:

Christmas ATCs:

July's sender's choice inchies:

On-the-go: Lots of random ATCs! Also working on more beaded dolly jewelry for my simple little Etsy shop.