Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Postage stamp ATCs, Halloween inchies, random random.

I've been even worse than normal with uploading photos & updating my blog...didn't think that was possible! On top of my usual issues in getting my photos from the camera to the laptop, my rechargeable batteries decided they didn't want to hold a charge anymore, so I wasn't even able to take photos for a couple of days. Unfortunately for me, this meant I was unable to take pictures of a couple of sender's choice-type swaps before I sent them out...oh well. :( They're finally replaced, so I was able to upload some today - yay!

Without further rambling, here we go:

Postage stamp ATCs (swap required one, but I sent two):

Kawaii ATC:

Halloween inchies (half for a swap that's already sent, other half is coming up after today):

Inchie a Name swap (plus a tagalong pumpkin):

I had fun with the name inchies! They took a surprisingly long time to make, as I colored each one individually (already had the squares punched out) in colors listed on my partner's profile. I hope that she likes them! :)

I always have a lot of random crafty stuff on the go, but I don't think I have anything specific going right now. I've been making a lot of tiny fabric yoyos (I have SO MUCH fabric to use!) and working on finishing up some plastic canvas Christmas ornaments...if I get brave, I may list them in my Etsy shop.

I've been feeling rather horrible thought is celiac disease. I actually cut out gluten entirely as of a few days ago and was feeling a little better - may be coincidental, but who knows. After reading up on testing, it looks like I need to keep eating gluten-containing foods for a definitive diagnosis, blah. I feel like I'm poisoning myself by eating my former whole grain-rich diet. I see my doctor on Sept. 7th, so at least there's that.

Speaking of September...where the heck did the summer go? My 'big' kid (who will be five in October already, yeesh) will be going back to school on the 7th as well, and she'll be going full-time this year. I feel old. :P

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And even more.

Lots more stuff...yay?

Anything inchies:

Kaia's awesome ATCs (for a private swap):

6 kawaii inchies:

Sender's choice ATCs:

Skull ATCs:

Time ATC:

I've been making lots of random ATCs and inchies and whatnot lately, but probably won't bother posting a photo until they're going to something specific. Oh, and I finished a set of three kawaii twinchies for a swap, but didn't get a photo yet. ;) I'm still attempting to use up random bits from my stash, and it's slowwww going - there's a LOT of random stuff kicking around! I just got a bunch more used postage stamps to add to my already-growing hoard too...ATCs, maybe? I have a TON built up, but the supply is slowwwwly going down. (I just finished sending off all of the postage stamp ATCs I made in May, I have a ton from June!) Also, I have six ATCs and nine million twinchies waiting to be stitched, just need to whip out the sewing machine!