Monday, February 28, 2011

CPG March Sender's Choice ATCs

I love how crooked the top photo is - I was in a hurry to get them packed up so hubby could take them to the PO when he was leaving for work, haha.

I've determined that watercolor pencils are fun! :)

I might be nuts, but I just joined a half-mega ATC swap - 10 ATCs, one each for 10 partners. Should be ok - the send-by isn't until the end of March, so as long as I just mail a few a week, it'll be fine. ;)

Friday, February 25, 2011

My RAK ATCs. :)

To celebrate reaching 250 hearts on swap-bot, I posted a RAK - 3 people would be selected, and I'd make them each an ATC. Kaia drew the names for me, and then I got to work!

From left to right, they're going out to hollycm6, DarkSkullMistress42 and mrsdutton. They'll all be in the mail tomorrow! I hope you like 'em, ladies - thanks for being great swap-bot members! ♥

Currently finishing my ATC for the ATC Addicts Club WTA - it'll be going out to KatarinaNavane. With luck, I'll finish it by tonight and it'll go out with these three. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zentangle and animal inchies.

The animal inchies have been done for a while, but I don't think I ever posted a photo, so I added them in with the zentangle inchies. :P

Just finished the zentangle inchies a while ago, and they're en route to live with their new owners. :) Still have a lot to tackle today, including tons of housework...*sigh*

Tomorrow is Doomsday (aka my birthday), and my parents & brothers are coming over. Time to hide my craft clutter! (Well, attempt to. There's just no hiding this much junk in such a little house!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

F, G, H, I, J ATCs!

If I were smart, I'd be in bed right now. Instead, here I am posting and debating re-naming this post, 'I think my eyes are falling out'. Super tired. Sick of being sick. Sick of cross-stitch.

But I finished my F-through-J ATCs, so that counts for something. Right? *crickets chirping*

Really though, these took a LOT of time & effort - I just hope my partner likes them! The funny thing? I'm sending these to the same person I was partnered with for my A-E set, so they're going to live with their card-y predecessors. :P Funny to have been paired with her again!


  1. A few random inchies to finish those sets.
  2. 8 zentangle inchies
  3. Housework and sleep (sleep unlikely, but I can dream!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Private swap orange inchies.

Finished up my orange inchies for a private swap with the lovely dobie256. Her inchies are absolutely GORGEOUS, so I'm super excited to be swapping with her. :)

The felt ones were something new for me - I've never done a beaded one 'til today! If she likes mine even half as much as I always enjoy hers, mission accomplished. ♥

This week's crafting tasks:
  1. F, G, H, I ATCs
  2. A whole bunch of sender's choice inchies
  3. 8 zentangle inchies
  4. WTA ATC for KatarinaNavane
  5. 2 more ATCs for my forum RAK - 250+ hearts now, woo!
If I get through those, I need to make some sender's choice twinchies too.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kawaii inchies & a sender's choice ATC!

Still feeling like utter garbage, but I -did- manage to see the doctor today. The verdict? No idea. He took a throat swab, confirmed that my tonsils are super-swollen (really? I had no idea!) and gave me a prescription for antibiotics to be safe. I really hope that they work quickly...especially considering how hard on the tummy they are! Oww...

Anyway! Kawaii inchies:

And an ATC for the ATC addicts club group swap I'm hosting. Yeah, it's sender's choice, but I asked her whether she preferred blue or green, and it turns out that blue is her favorite color! So, this is hers:

Finished three orange inchies, need to do two-three more. Still need to tackle those letter ATCs. Will hopefully get them all done soon. I'm beyond exhausted - I woke up at 1:30AM last night because I felt so terrible, and haven't slept since. Going to try to sleep now - wish me luck! :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rainbow & plant inchies.

Sorry for the extra-terrible photo - I'm sick and shaky and it's 6:30 in the morning so the lighting is terrible too. Go me!

I think I'm officially getting what my husband is getting over - tonsillitis caused by streptococcus. Yayyyy...I think I'm going to be screwed come Saturday - I'm supposed to work, but at this rate, I doubt I'm going to be able to. On top of that, he works some nasty shifts this week, and will be gone from 8:30am-10pm or so today. :( So I'll have to get the kiddo on and off the school bus by myself while attempting to hold the baby. And said baby will be PISSED, because she hates being in her marshmallow of a snowsuit.

Monday, February 14, 2011

More twinchies!

Finished up my sender's choice twinchies for the Paper Cutz swap. :)

Next goals: Finish my various inchies sets. F, G, H, I ATCs for the Crafting Queens swap. Lots more to do as well, but need to get through those first!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My first twinchies, wee! These are for the swap I'm hosting.

Next up: 20 zentangle twinchies. F, G, H, I ATCs to finish up for that upcoming Crafting Queens swap. 9 twinchies for a Paper Cutz swap. 1 more animal inchie. 3 more plant inchies. 1 red, 1 green, 1 purple inchie.

Kawaii ATCs.

Yep, finished my ATCs for the Kawaii ATC swap - yay! (Too bad my pictures suck.)

The bad news - I'm completely out of plastic sleeves, ahh! I only had one left, so only the piggy has a sleeve to take to it's new home. Plus I received a couple of ATCs today and can't put them on my wall with the rest of them - I put them in individual sleeves and sticky-tack 'em to the wall. :( Must get more sleeves!

Currently working on twinchies - need two more to finish the sets for the swap I'm hosting, and nine more after that for a Paper Cutz swap. Wee!

Monday, February 7, 2011

More gogogo!

Finished the last of the trio of ATCs for a private swap with Emika, yay! I really need to lay off the needlework and let that hole in my finger day.


Finished a few things beyond these today, but as usual, won't bother posting photos until the full sets are done.

Finished my Valentine's inchies - partners will be assigned tomorrow, so I can send them out right away, yay!

Also played with my watercolor pencils for the first time and made an ATC with a matching inchie for nolagirl on swap-bot. I love the Wishlist group, and one of her wishes was for ATCs and/or inchies - so these are for her! :)

On the go: Doing the last of three ATCs for a private swap with Emika. Also started one ATC for a sender's choice swap that's coming up.

Next to go: 20 zentangle twinchies, 6 more random twinchies, a bunch of inchies.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is me, in ATC - count 'em: three.

Productive weekend - yay!

Managed to tackle all three of my 'This is me' ATCs today, which is a minor miracle. My poor finger has a horribly deep hole/crack in it from all of the needlework I've been doing, and hurts like crazy...I'm stupid. MUST buy that soft thimble! I slapped some Polysporin and double-Band-aided it, then finished my ATCs. Poor finger, having to deal with a craft-nut like me.

The pictures kind of suck, as the lighting in my house is TERRIBLE...the colors are way off.

SO! My favorite color (I have two: pink and orange, especially together!):

Something I love (kids, and cute!):

Something I fear (flying bugs, ugh):

Seriously, I will run away flailing and whining like a little girl if a moth or something gets into the house. I was never like this as a kid, but it's getting worse and worse as I get older...I'd actually call it a phobia now. *shudders*

On an ATC-related note, I'm almost out of those clear plastic sleeves - ahhh! I have plenty of tiny envelopes I made for them, but only a couple of sleeves left...this is bad. Not only do I send my own out in them, but many people don't seem to do this, and I put all the ATCs I receive in them and stick 'em on my wall. MUST find more to buy! D:

Private swap ATCs, done! :D

Gosh, they took a while...but they're done! I'm fairly happy with how they turned out - I just hope my partner is as well! She needed E, I, J, K & N ATCs to finish (catch up on?) her set, so here we go:

My finger is full of dents, but I'm happy to be done. :) REALLY need to buy a soft thimble!

Goal for this week: Tackle my 'This is me' set of three ATCs, get crackin' on those 20 zentangle twinchies, and start work on another private swap - 3 sender's choice ATCs. And lots more, but those are the priorities right now. Whew.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orange inchies!

It's first, when seeing the orange theme, I had NO idea what I'd do for them. I do love orange, but it's not as easy as the last color theme (blue) was to put together for me. In the end, they just came together on their own, with plenty of time to spare! (Partners will be assigned in a week.)

Made another twinchie for the sender's choice swap, so I still need to make six more - need five for each partner, ten total.

But my goal for the weekend is to finish the last two ATCs for that private swap I keep rambling about. I'll be doing a TON of early spring cleaning too. Speaking of, I need to get started! My parents will be here any time to take the kids for a bit so I can just clean. Yay?

EDIT -- Finished the I ATC, just need to do the N and my private swap will be ready to go! Should be no problem to finish it tomorrow. :) Actually managed to get a good chunk of cleaning/organizing done today too!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey, look - a picture!

Yeah, finally have a post with a photo again. ;)

Finished all four sets of my sender's choice inchies. I felt kinda bad for fencing in the cats and dogs, even though they're made of paper...I'm such a sap.

Finished both sets of orange inchies - I needed four for each set, but I'm doing five. Will take & post a photo once I finish the last pair!

Made my first three twinchies ever. I haven't decided how I feel about them compared to ATCs and inchies yet, as far as which I prefer - they're fun, though! As usual, holding off on photos 'til I finish the set.

Made a few more random inchies. They'll likely go towards future sender's choice swaps. Also made a couple more for my plant set, and one to my Valentine's set.

Goal for the weekend: Finish I and N ATCs for private swap set. If I finish those, I need to start on my 'This is me' ATC set and/or work on zentangle twinchies.

On an unrelated note, I swear, Isa's vegan cookbooks are going to make me fat. I made the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting today, and they're awesome! Even my husband liked them, and he's not vegan and is a bit picky when it comes to cake. :D I made the mistake of leaving them where my four year old could reach them, though...she stole frosting off EVERY SINGLE ONE. They're all finger-marked and sad-looking. *sighs* At least she liked my vegan baking?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another picture-less update.

But I am making ground! Finished the K ATC, still need to do I & N for the private swap set.

Still need to do, beyond the above ATCs:

  1. 20 zentangle twinchies
  2. Finish the last 2 sets of 6 inchies each (need 7 more total, all are free-theme - knocked out a bunch today)
  3. 3 ATCs for my 'This is me, in ATC' swap - one in my favorite color, one featuring something I love, and one featuring something I hate
  4. F, G, H, I ATCs for CQ swap
  5. 4 Valentine's inchies
  6. 8 orange inchies
  7. 2 kawaii ATCs
  8. 10 twinchies (two sets of five each, all are free-theme)
  9. 3 ATCs (private swap, free-theme)
  10. Finish my set of 6 plant inchies (need 3 more)
  11. Set of 6 rainbow inchies (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  12. Finish my set of 6 animal inchies (need 3 more)
Whew. Getting there, though!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A picture-less update.

Finished the E ATC just now - yay! Will push to finish I, K and N this week so I can have them in the mail by the weekend.

Still need to do, beyond the above ATCs:

  1. 20 zentangle twinchies
  2. 4 sets of 6 inchies each (24 total, all are free-theme)
  3. 3 ATCs for my 'This is me, in ATC' swap - one in my favorite color, one featuring something I love, and one featuring something I hate
  4. F, G, H, I ATCs for CQ swap
  5. 8 orange inchies
  6. 2 kawaii ATCs
  7. 10 twinchies (two sets of five each, all are free-theme)
  8. 3 ATCs (private swap, free-theme)
Quite the's to hoping the rest of the week is productive! I actually don't work this coming weekend, but will be working anyway - my parents are going to take the kids for a few hours so I can get some early spring cleaning/sorting done.