Sunday, February 20, 2011

Private swap orange inchies.

Finished up my orange inchies for a private swap with the lovely dobie256. Her inchies are absolutely GORGEOUS, so I'm super excited to be swapping with her. :)

The felt ones were something new for me - I've never done a beaded one 'til today! If she likes mine even half as much as I always enjoy hers, mission accomplished. ♥

This week's crafting tasks:
  1. F, G, H, I ATCs
  2. A whole bunch of sender's choice inchies
  3. 8 zentangle inchies
  4. WTA ATC for KatarinaNavane
  5. 2 more ATCs for my forum RAK - 250+ hearts now, woo!
If I get through those, I need to make some sender's choice twinchies too.

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