Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey, look - a picture!

Yeah, finally have a post with a photo again. ;)

Finished all four sets of my sender's choice inchies. I felt kinda bad for fencing in the cats and dogs, even though they're made of paper...I'm such a sap.

Finished both sets of orange inchies - I needed four for each set, but I'm doing five. Will take & post a photo once I finish the last pair!

Made my first three twinchies ever. I haven't decided how I feel about them compared to ATCs and inchies yet, as far as which I prefer - they're fun, though! As usual, holding off on photos 'til I finish the set.

Made a few more random inchies. They'll likely go towards future sender's choice swaps. Also made a couple more for my plant set, and one to my Valentine's set.

Goal for the weekend: Finish I and N ATCs for private swap set. If I finish those, I need to start on my 'This is me' ATC set and/or work on zentangle twinchies.

On an unrelated note, I swear, Isa's vegan cookbooks are going to make me fat. I made the chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting today, and they're awesome! Even my husband liked them, and he's not vegan and is a bit picky when it comes to cake. :D I made the mistake of leaving them where my four year old could reach them, though...she stole frosting off EVERY SINGLE ONE. They're all finger-marked and sad-looking. *sighs* At least she liked my vegan baking?

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