Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another picture-less update.

But I am making ground! Finished the K ATC, still need to do I & N for the private swap set.

Still need to do, beyond the above ATCs:

  1. 20 zentangle twinchies
  2. Finish the last 2 sets of 6 inchies each (need 7 more total, all are free-theme - knocked out a bunch today)
  3. 3 ATCs for my 'This is me, in ATC' swap - one in my favorite color, one featuring something I love, and one featuring something I hate
  4. F, G, H, I ATCs for CQ swap
  5. 4 Valentine's inchies
  6. 8 orange inchies
  7. 2 kawaii ATCs
  8. 10 twinchies (two sets of five each, all are free-theme)
  9. 3 ATCs (private swap, free-theme)
  10. Finish my set of 6 plant inchies (need 3 more)
  11. Set of 6 rainbow inchies (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  12. Finish my set of 6 animal inchies (need 3 more)
Whew. Getting there, though!

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