Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage inchies.

Tackled my vintage inchies today! The swap calls for two sets of four, but I made an extra for each person because I was having fun!

I also finished both J ATCs I needed and am almost finished the E ATC I needed for that private 5xATC swap, but I'm not going to bother taking pictures 'til I finish the full set. :)

Goal for this week: Attempt to finish both sets of alphabet ATCs (one set for private swap, other for upcoming Crafting Queens swap.

  • Private swap: E (almost done), I, J (done), K, N.
  • CQ swap: F, G, H, I, J(done).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ellie for sunzorch!

Finished that ATC for sunzorch, finally. My wrists and hands are quickly learning to hate needlework, but oh well for them...I have more to do after this!

My goal for this week: E, I, J, K, N ATCs for a private swap. If I finish those, then I need to work on my first twinchies ever - 20 zentangled twinchies, 10 for each partner. Whew.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bee Happy.

Don't worry, be(e) happy. Optimistic ATCs, done! Spectacularly bad photo - check! Will be able to get sunzorch's ATC done and mailed tomorrow, no problem - hubby doesn't have to leave for work 'til ~3pm. Yay, I'm on track again!

Why do I bother numbering goals?

It's not like I end up doing them in order anyway. Oops.

I ended up staying up later than I wanted to last night (baby wouldn't sleep!) so I finished the divided doodle inchies. I guess I wanted to continue the trend, so I made my Valentine's inchies the same way this morning!

Going to start cross-stitching towards my two goals once I get the kidlet off the bus in < 1 hour. If I push it, I'll get all three ATCs done tonight! But the dents...haha, poor finger.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When inchies attack!

Ok, so they're not really attacking...but tell that to my desk!

I finished the set of 10 inchies that are going out to angeliclizard for our private swap:

Also finished the three sets of 6 kawaii inchies for an upcoming swap:

The two free-themed ATCs I made for February's CPG sender's choice swap - one was completed last night, the other this morning:

Did two Valentine's-themed inchies (one for each set of 5) for an upcoming swap, but as usual, not going to bother photographing them 'til the full set is done.

The goal for tomorrow involves putting more dents in my finger. I tried to give it a break! D:

  1. Elephant Love ATC for sunzorch (Quest for Knowledge-themed but not an actual swap - she was kind enough to send me one just because, so I will do the same for her!)
  2. Two ATCs for the 'Optimistic ATC' swap - will do Bee Happy cross-stitched ones
If I get through that, my next three goals:
  1. 8 more Valentine's-themed inchies
  2. 6 'divided doodle' inchies
  3. E, I, J, K, N ATCs (private swap - these will probably all be cross-stitched, ouch!)
And of course, I have much more to do, but need to get through those things first!

I'm going to ATTEMPT to cut back on swapping (at least postage-wise)...we'll see how well that goes. Would be nice to do more swaps with less partners but more ATCs/inchies sent to each to maximize my swap item-to-postage ratio.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Giving the dents a break.

I really do love it when hubby has a day off. Not only do I finally get to spend time with him, but I get a lot done!

Tackled a ton of stuff that needed to be done on a one-and-a-half hour journey around town, then came home and did housework and did more ATCs & inchies!

The first (amazingly bad - sorry! It's bad even for me, and that's saying something) photo is the two ATCs I made for the Foreign Language ATC swap. The background is a page from a vintage Greek composition book. Greek is such a nifty-looking language.

The second is that Valentine's ATC I mentioned being too lazy to photograph earlier. :P

I've made more inchies too, but no completed sets so not going to bother with pictures yet. I've made 5/10 for a private swap and 7/18 for a kawaii inchie swap so far. I've also made one random ATC, but again, not going to bother photographing since I need to make one more for the set.

Gonna keep going at this pace until I crap out for the night - hopefully I can get more done! :D

Oh, and one final note in closing - I've finally learned just how perfect cereal box cardboard is for backing ATCs and inchies. To the partners I've made inchies for in the past - I'm sorry! They're downright flimsy in comparison to the cardboard blanks I'm using now. (Gogo Kaia's Froot Loops box!)

I'm thinking the dents are permanent.

My poor finger. I know I should give needlework a rest and let my finger recuperate, but I can't!

The first two ATCs are for a private swap with Bee1981.

The last ATC is going to live with Michelle in another swap. :)

On the go: TONS! I knocked out the Valentine's ATC, but am too lazy to take a photo right now. Need to tackle a tontonton of various ATCs and inchies. I actually wrote out a list of everything I need to finish...time to get to work. :3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The dents!

I don't learn. I've been doing WAY too much needlework lately - seriously, every spare minute I have, I've been stitching. But that's ok!


Finally finished the ATC I'll be sending to the lovely lady who was a big factor in getting me started in making ATCs - I tried to choose colors she'd enjoy while keeping my own style. I reallyREALLY hope she likes it!

(If ATCs I make were worth Ontario minimum wage, this one would be worth around $80. I like needlework though, even if my finger doesn't.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twenty inchies.

Took me part of today, as I was just too wiped out after work to tackle them all (and cross-stitching takes a while!), but they're done! I'm going to need a few days' break before I do another cross-stitched ATC or should see the tip of my right middle finger. It's all red and irritated and full of dents/holes, as I use it to push the needle through. I really should learn to use a thimble when I sew, huh?

So yes - another private swap tackled! (And yes, her name is Laura. :P)

Next up - random ATCs (one for a private swap and two for a lovely lady who was a big factor in me getting started on ATCs in the first place), one elephant ATC (for a kind swap-bot member who liked my Quest for Knowledge ATC series and is sending me one just because, so I'm making her one like I made for my partner in return), a few themed ATCs, and a crazy amount of inchies!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another private swap done!

Today was productive enough, considering I have both kids alone all day since Tuesdays are hubby's 9-9 work days. :( Hate it when he's gone all day! With how much we've been working, I feel like I never see him. Anyway!

Knocked out the 2 ATCs and 6 inchies I needed for a private swap with flowerchild. I don't know what it is about the little girl in the left-hand ATC, but I LOVE her - her smile is contagious! She totally makes me smile, anyway, so I hope my partner likes her. :D

I work tomorrow, but my goal for when I get home is to knock out as many inchies as humanly possible. I have a private swap that I need 20 for (I have 9 finished and a few more started), so that specifically is my goal. For the rest of the week, I need to get a few random ATCs done, a few specific-themed ones (but the randoms are priority) and oodles of inchies.

I need more hours in a day. And more sleep for the kids. And probably more for myself, too. More daylight would be great, too - winter stinks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Even more...

The flower-y ATC is going out for a Monthly ATC Swappers group swap - January sender's choice.

The Christmas-y ATC is a re-send - apparently, one of my Christmas ATC partners never received the one I sent! That's totally depressing, as I spent about four HOURS making each of the originals. Unfortunately, I don't have the supplies to re-create the same one, so I had to come up with something different.

On the go: LOTS of inchies, more ATCs. Mostly sender's choice, but also need to tackle one 'Key to my Heart' ATC, one car ATC, one Valentine's ATC, and one more pink ATC.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goal met!

Yep, I got the U and V ATCs completed - yay! Need to knock out a sender's choice ATC next, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet...we'll see what I'll come up with. Also need to get another pink ATC made, and a bunch of inchies. Love inchies!

I need to head to the dollar store and pick up some canvases and paint, and to Michael's to buy some E-6000 glue - the plan is to paint the canvas, mark out spaces for inchies in pencil, and glue them to the canvases randomly. Yay for inchies! ♥

Friday, January 14, 2011

Why am I not sleeping?

Kiddo is having a sleepover at my parents' house, and the chublet is sleeping...why am I not in bed? Probably because I was finishing up a zentangled ATC and having fun...then decided I should take a photo and blog before I forget to again!

First photo is two ATCs that are on their way to live with Trysha - private swap on swap-bot.

Second photo is for a Zentangled Key Word for 2011 swap. My partner's word was Peace, and this is what I came up with. :) She likes blue, so I went with that.

Goal for this weekend: Get through work, attempt to tackle my U and V ATCs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let there be ATCs!

I accidentally mailed a couple of ATCs off without taking a photo first - oops! Bad me! Here's the card I made for a Birthday Cake ATC swap. Birthday cupcakes count, right? I love cupcakes, so I hope so! I'm including an inchie too, because they're fun and I want to share the love! The frosting part of the cupcake is glittery, though you can't see that in my fail photo.

In the works: Finishing another ATC for a private 2xATC swap, U and V ATCs, ATC with matching inchie, and a whole lot of random ATCs and inchies.

Making gestures towards: Tidying my craft stuff. I need a bigger house and more organizing bins! (And more rest, and more motivation...)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finished set. :D

I know, I just posted a bunch earlier, but I finished my last card for my A-through-E ATC set, so I wanted to post a (bad) photo of the finished bunch:

A is for Apple, B Bee, C (Sea) Crab, D is for Doll, E is for Ellie.

They were a lot of work - I hope my partner will like 'em! :)

On a roll!

I've really been on an ATC kick lately, haven't I? I have even more in the works, too...

The elephant ATC is for my partner in the Quest for Knowledge (January) ATC swap I'm hosting. I love learning new things, so the challenge is for participants to learn at least one new thing every month, make an ATC based on it, and share a little knowledge (and the ATC!) with your partner! My biggest challenge? Deciding which thing I learned to ATC-ify. :P

The little White Mage sprite ATC is for the upcoming 'Retro Video Game ATC' swap. I'm definitely going to be making more ATCs similar to this one - I love classic video games, and pixel sprites carry over to cross-stitch very well. :D

The first pink bee is for the upcoming pink-themed ATC swap - still need to make one more pink ATC, as I need two for one partner.

The last two ATCs are for a private swap with a lady named Fawn from swap-bot - I love ATCs, so I'm happy to be doing more swaps! :)

On the go - tons of ATCs. Also pretending like I can tame my craft supplies. My desk and table are just plain wrecks. At least I managed to get half of my embroidery floss sorted and packed into a Turtles tin? I need to find another tin like that - it's just perfect for floss skeins!

Monday, January 10, 2011

So very sleepy...

Yes, I'm super tired - getting a solid 8 hours of sleep a night is a dream I'm not sure I'll ever accomplish for real. Maybe one day? With the crib in our bedroom, it means little to no sleep. Cameron is a majorly floppy sleeper, and she's acquired a bad habit of flipping over to her belly and then screaming...because she HATES being on her belly. *sighs*

I -have- been crafting, though! See:

I'm sure there are more, but I suck and don't take pictures of everything before I send it. Oops. I'll try to be better, I promise!

I need to get my hands on more 7-count plastic canvas to attempt my next planned project. And of course, I have several upcoming inchie and ATC swaps coming up, so I'll try to remember to take photos of those as well! (And I still need to finish my E ATC for the A-through-E ATC swap - think I'll probably continue the medium and do a cross-stitch elephant.)

Managed to get to the fabric store today while the kidlet was at school today (thanks, dear husband!) and picked up more 1/8" ribbon for trimming my cross stitched ATCs with, so there will definitely be more of those in the works. :)