Monday, January 24, 2011

Giving the dents a break.

I really do love it when hubby has a day off. Not only do I finally get to spend time with him, but I get a lot done!

Tackled a ton of stuff that needed to be done on a one-and-a-half hour journey around town, then came home and did housework and did more ATCs & inchies!

The first (amazingly bad - sorry! It's bad even for me, and that's saying something) photo is the two ATCs I made for the Foreign Language ATC swap. The background is a page from a vintage Greek composition book. Greek is such a nifty-looking language.

The second is that Valentine's ATC I mentioned being too lazy to photograph earlier. :P

I've made more inchies too, but no completed sets so not going to bother with pictures yet. I've made 5/10 for a private swap and 7/18 for a kawaii inchie swap so far. I've also made one random ATC, but again, not going to bother photographing since I need to make one more for the set.

Gonna keep going at this pace until I crap out for the night - hopefully I can get more done! :D

Oh, and one final note in closing - I've finally learned just how perfect cereal box cardboard is for backing ATCs and inchies. To the partners I've made inchies for in the past - I'm sorry! They're downright flimsy in comparison to the cardboard blanks I'm using now. (Gogo Kaia's Froot Loops box!)

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