Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When inchies attack!

Ok, so they're not really attacking...but tell that to my desk!

I finished the set of 10 inchies that are going out to angeliclizard for our private swap:

Also finished the three sets of 6 kawaii inchies for an upcoming swap:

The two free-themed ATCs I made for February's CPG sender's choice swap - one was completed last night, the other this morning:

Did two Valentine's-themed inchies (one for each set of 5) for an upcoming swap, but as usual, not going to bother photographing them 'til the full set is done.

The goal for tomorrow involves putting more dents in my finger. I tried to give it a break! D:

  1. Elephant Love ATC for sunzorch (Quest for Knowledge-themed but not an actual swap - she was kind enough to send me one just because, so I will do the same for her!)
  2. Two ATCs for the 'Optimistic ATC' swap - will do Bee Happy cross-stitched ones
If I get through that, my next three goals:
  1. 8 more Valentine's-themed inchies
  2. 6 'divided doodle' inchies
  3. E, I, J, K, N ATCs (private swap - these will probably all be cross-stitched, ouch!)
And of course, I have much more to do, but need to get through those things first!

I'm going to ATTEMPT to cut back on swapping (at least postage-wise)...we'll see how well that goes. Would be nice to do more swaps with less partners but more ATCs/inchies sent to each to maximize my swap item-to-postage ratio.

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