Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More stuff, with a messed-up hand.

Odd title?  No doubt about it.  Do I have a messed-up hand?  No doubt about it.  The tendons in my right hand are buggered up again, and doing anything is painful.  What I should be doing is keeping it bound and in the sling, and not using it for a few days.  Of course, that isn't happening...on top of everything, I have two young kids.  How is a Mom supposed to function with day-to-day life without the use of her dominant arm?  Not happening.  If it gets worse, I'll take better care of it, but for now, I keep it wrapped when I can and just try to suck it up. :x

Anyway, stuff!

S is for...ATC:

Private ATC swap (M is for...):

Three twinchies #1 - Botanical:

Three twinchies #2 - Kawaii:

Halloween twinchies in July?:

7/2 Sender's Choice swap:

Inchie Alphabet Series - Letter A:

BC: Inchies (6):

I think that's everything for now.  Lots of swaps coming up, of course!  I keep trying to narrow down my focus and swap list, but it never happens.  Once I finish up a few ongoing swap series, that'll help a little at least. :P  Would be kinda nice to NOT run a full dashboard at all times, lol!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A bunch more ATCs.

Another day, another pile of ATCs to post. ;)

6/25 Sender's Choice ATC:

Sender's choice ATC x2, round 15!:

Sender's choice mega ATC swap with a twist!:

Inchie my username!:

not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #73:

I actually lost a picture of one of my ATC swaps - I really, REALLY need to replace my camera!  After my five year old dropped it (TWICE!), the port-thing where the USB cable plugs into it is wiggly.  If you don't hold the cord just-so when you're uploading photos, it'll disconnect...and you will likely lose whichever photo it was in the middle of uploading.  I've been in the habit of snapping two photos of each swap, but I failed to do so for this one, I guess.  Blah.  At least it was just a single-card swap?

Started that twinchie series I mentioned before.  Now I need to get crackin' on a bunch of twinchies! :)  Mummy ATC tackled, but no photo yet.  Need to do the bat ATC also.  Oh, and a trio of Halloween twinchies, and another set of 6 bright & colorful inchies.  Fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Profile-based ATC, Odd Twinchies, Witch ATC.

I actually got a few crafty things done last night, yay! :)

Profile-based ATC:

PC~ Twinchies: Odd:

Halloween ATC #2 - Witches:

Still need to figure out if I'm gonna hop in on that public bird-themed twinchies swap.  I probably will, and will just hope for the best - I love twinchies, and there aren't nearly enough swaps out there for 'em!

Speaking of twinchies, once my swap schedule clears up a little bit, I'm going to start a regular swap series for them.  I'll post a new swap every week (or every ten days?) with a two-week turnaround.  Each swap will consist of 3 twinchies with a theme. :)  I'll be hosting these in Inchie Addicts.  I'll do something similar with inchies as well, only it will be 6 a pop instead of 3.  Twinchies first, though - again, not nearly enough twinchie swaps!

Last night, Josh hung up all of my inchie/twinchie canvases and a few other things in my craft room.  It officially looks like a craft room now! ;)  I have more stuff to hang, but need frames first.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A few things.

More stuff, wee!

TPD: Dragon ATCs:

Inchie my name!:

PC: sender's choice inchies:

I actually had a lot of fun with the sender's choice inchies.  They were sender's choice, but with a catch - they had to be collage/mixed media/punchies.  I made one BIG collage (the cardstock base is printer paper-sized - 8.5"x11"? - and sorry for the weird lighting, the colors are off in this):

 ...and then cut it down to inchie-size and embellished.  It was fun!  I'll definitely be trying this method again, with different colors and whatnot. :)

Aside from a couple of swaps, I mostly have sender's choice-type swaps coming up.  (Speaking of which, I need to make different ATCs - one of them involves sending 5 ATCs each to 4 partners!)  The only specific-themed swaps I need to work on: 1 witch ATC.  3 "odd" twinchies. Possibly 3 bird twinchies - haven't signed up yet.  Oh, and an inchies swap for your partner's username, which obviously can't be tackled 'til you know who your partner is! ;)

I'm pretty happy that someone is hosting a Halloween ATC series - I just hope it turns out well!  I'm scared of public swaps these days, but I have high hopes for these...I really like Halloween. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Doctor Who ATC series #8 - Dalek & Davros

Mentioning my Doctor Who ATC series made me realize that the next swap is coming up very soon, so I may as well get a photo up now! :P


Catchin' up again.

More ATCs, woo! :P

3x3 ATCs Sender's Choice #4:

6/18 Sender's Choice ATC:

Sender's Choice ATC x2, round 14!:

Weekend QTA 5 - Sender's Choice ATC:

Public forums tag ATC for CraftyLass:

ATC color series - black and/or white!:

R is for...ATC:

Currently dithering over what (if any) new ATC series' to start.  The only idea I feel really strongly about right now is Firefly, but that would probably have to be public swaps to get enough people...and I don't really like non-group swaps.  (Maybe in Geek Swap Central?)  I'm a few ATCs in to yet another public swap series that I thought sounded cool, but the quality of work I'm receiving is really disappointing.  I probably won't be participating in further swaps in the series, which sucks.

I must sound like such an elitist snob when I say that, but I promise I'm not.  Goodness knows, I'm no artist!  All I expect is that people try.  When my five year old can do just as well (if not better - and she tries her best and makes them with love, which is key), then yeah, I'm going to be disappointed.  When I receive an ATC that is literally JUST a poor-quality printout with a faux gemstone stuck on it... :(  Am I being a snob?  I feel that there is nothing wrong with using (quality!) print-out pictures in your work, but if that is all there is to your ATC, then it isn't an ATC.  (The exception being digital work, but even then, quality in your print-outs is key.  I have a few digital artwork ATCs that people have made me, and they're fab!)  I will say, I've been having fun overall with the Doctor Who swap series I've been hosting, and I'm super-happy to be adding Doctor Who ATCs to my collection! :)

On a happy note, might be adopting a new doggy on Monday - we're heading to animal services again to see if any of their new-ish arrivals are a good match for us.  Yay! :D  I still wish we could adopt that Mastiff cross - he seems like such a sweetheart! - but he's way too big.  Josh says we could get him a saddle and the kids could ride him, lol! :P

Friday, June 8, 2012

Another post...exciting, no?

Not even remotely, right?  I know.  Too bad. ;)

Q is for...ATC:

Weekend QTA 4 - Sender's Choice ATC:

Sender's Choice ATC x2, round 13!:

Halloween ATC #1 - Pumpkins:

BC inchies:

Inchies for RainyC's Wishlist:

Doctor Who ATC series #7 - The Master & Cyberman:

ATC Gemstone Series #4 - Sapphire:

Date night was fun, for the record! :)  The movie was great, the food we got pre-movie was good, and it was really nice to just spend time with my hubby sans-kids.  Hopefully we can do that more often!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catchin' up again.

I was actually trying to have a nap for once - my hubby booked this week off work so we could try to get caught up on painting and possibly relax a little - but no, my five year old is too loud.  (Shocker! :P)  Instead, I'll spend a bit getting caught up on blog photos! ;)

ATC Gemstone Series #3 - Diamond:

CPG June Sender's Choice ATCs:

ATC color series - brown!:

Asian twinchies:

6/11 Sender's Choice ATC:

Will be finishing a bunch of Doctor Who & alphabet ATCs shortly - just need to crack out the E6000 and glue their Dymotape labels on 'em. :D

I'm officially getting to the point where there are very few non-group swaps I'll enter.  Sad, but true.  Also sad-but-true - I was flaked on on the 'N is for...' ATC swap, by someone in my own city!  Never, EVER thought she'd flake on me...I dearly hope she comes back and rectifies things, but she's rackin' up the 1s at this point. :(  Sad sad.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A bunch of stuff.

More stuff - wee! ;)

PP & ATCA Hand-drawn ATC #1:

Sender's Choice ATCx2, round twelve!:

June sender's choice twinchies:

June sender's choice inchies:

Hand-drawn/painted June sender's choice ATC:

I've been having fun hand-drawing stuff lately, especially if it's colorful.  I'm no artist, but it's fun to do!  It's actually kind of relaxing. :)