Thursday, June 21, 2012

A bunch more ATCs.

Another day, another pile of ATCs to post. ;)

6/25 Sender's Choice ATC:

Sender's choice ATC x2, round 15!:

Sender's choice mega ATC swap with a twist!:

Inchie my username!:

not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #73:

I actually lost a picture of one of my ATC swaps - I really, REALLY need to replace my camera!  After my five year old dropped it (TWICE!), the port-thing where the USB cable plugs into it is wiggly.  If you don't hold the cord just-so when you're uploading photos, it'll disconnect...and you will likely lose whichever photo it was in the middle of uploading.  I've been in the habit of snapping two photos of each swap, but I failed to do so for this one, I guess.  Blah.  At least it was just a single-card swap?

Started that twinchie series I mentioned before.  Now I need to get crackin' on a bunch of twinchies! :)  Mummy ATC tackled, but no photo yet.  Need to do the bat ATC also.  Oh, and a trio of Halloween twinchies, and another set of 6 bright & colorful inchies.  Fun!

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