Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More stuff, with a messed-up hand.

Odd title?  No doubt about it.  Do I have a messed-up hand?  No doubt about it.  The tendons in my right hand are buggered up again, and doing anything is painful.  What I should be doing is keeping it bound and in the sling, and not using it for a few days.  Of course, that isn't happening...on top of everything, I have two young kids.  How is a Mom supposed to function with day-to-day life without the use of her dominant arm?  Not happening.  If it gets worse, I'll take better care of it, but for now, I keep it wrapped when I can and just try to suck it up. :x

Anyway, stuff!

S is for...ATC:

Private ATC swap (M is for...):

Three twinchies #1 - Botanical:

Three twinchies #2 - Kawaii:

Halloween twinchies in July?:

7/2 Sender's Choice swap:

Inchie Alphabet Series - Letter A:

BC: Inchies (6):

I think that's everything for now.  Lots of swaps coming up, of course!  I keep trying to narrow down my focus and swap list, but it never happens.  Once I finish up a few ongoing swap series, that'll help a little at least. :P  Would be kinda nice to NOT run a full dashboard at all times, lol!

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