Saturday, June 16, 2012

A few things.

More stuff, wee!

TPD: Dragon ATCs:

Inchie my name!:

PC: sender's choice inchies:

I actually had a lot of fun with the sender's choice inchies.  They were sender's choice, but with a catch - they had to be collage/mixed media/punchies.  I made one BIG collage (the cardstock base is printer paper-sized - 8.5"x11"? - and sorry for the weird lighting, the colors are off in this):

 ...and then cut it down to inchie-size and embellished.  It was fun!  I'll definitely be trying this method again, with different colors and whatnot. :)

Aside from a couple of swaps, I mostly have sender's choice-type swaps coming up.  (Speaking of which, I need to make different ATCs - one of them involves sending 5 ATCs each to 4 partners!)  The only specific-themed swaps I need to work on: 1 witch ATC.  3 "odd" twinchies. Possibly 3 bird twinchies - haven't signed up yet.  Oh, and an inchies swap for your partner's username, which obviously can't be tackled 'til you know who your partner is! ;)

I'm pretty happy that someone is hosting a Halloween ATC series - I just hope it turns out well!  I'm scared of public swaps these days, but I have high hopes for these...I really like Halloween. :)

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