Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend QTA 3 - Sender's Choice ATC

Another day, another ATC.  Exciting!  (Okay, not really.)

Being a homeowner stinks sometimes.  Just got a quote from Sears to re-carpet our five year old's room...and it's scary.  (Way higher than expected!)  Overall, I'm very happy with the move, but damn!  We probably need to replace the fridge too, which really sucks.  That's something we wanted to do anyway, but not yet!  Might not have a choice, though.

Still sick-but-functional.  My belly still isn't stable, and it doesn't seem to matter WHAT I eat. :(  I can eat, and I can keep everything down, but I'm constantly nauseous.  (And no, I'm not preggers.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More stuff!

Sick of being sick.  I can mostly eat again, though I'm definitely not at 100%...but here we go with a bunch of slightly-delayed photos!

ATC Gemstone Series #2 - Ruby:

Sender's Choice ATC x2, round eleven!:

ATC color series - pink!:

P is for...ATC:

PC~ Sender's Choice Twinchie Swap:

2 for 1 ATC Sender's Choice #3:

Avengers ATC Series #4 - Hulk:

I just want to sleep for the next month or so, okay?  I see my doctor in about two weeks, and I'm sadly REALLY looking forward to it.  Time for more thyroid testing, and I think it's medication time after that.  Would be nice to feel normal again! D:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend QTA 2 & 5/28 Sender's Choice

I'm sick of being sick.  I just want to be moderately healthy, darn it!  Oh, the things one takes for granted...

Weekend QTA 2 - Sender's Choice ATC:

5/28 Sender's Choice ATC swap:

Feel like I've been living on Dayquil & Nyquil.  I don't particularly care for taking medications, but they definitely help.  I'm a few hours overdue for another dose (holding off 'til bedtime & Nyquil) and I can definitely feel it.  Just like last time, it's starting to leave my head a bit and is migrating to my chest...eeeeek.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hand-drawn inchies

Turns out I like doodling/coloring random inchies and ATCs now - it's actually kind of de-stressing. :)

Hand-drawn inchies:

Finally found the Cyberman image I'd printed out a while back for ATC I need to make ONE more background so I can finish it.  Wee. :P

And, I'm sick AGAIN.  Here's to hoping it isn't as bad as the last round.  (It feels like the same darn thing though, so I have a bad feeling about it.)  Think non-hospitalized thoughts, please! D:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avengers ATC #3 - Black Widow, Anything in Spring inchies

Got my inchies done - yay!  So here is more stuff:

Avengers ATC #3 - Black Widow:

Anything in Spring inchies:

Can I have a nap, please? :3  So very tired...*yawns*

Tag for Littleblondelori, not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #69

So far, so good in the 'keeping up on photo uploads' department!

'Make an ATC for my favorite theme' tag for Littleblondelori:

not-so-QUICK ATC x2 swap #69:

Still haven't started on those spring inchies - hopefully today!  Toddler got sick yesterday, and I'm not sure if it was a one-off incident or what.  Poor kid. :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More stuff!

This is me attempting to keep up with photos again!  Let's see how well I manage...

ATC color series - purple!:

5/21 Sender's Choice ATC:

"O is for..." ATC:

Doctor Who #6 - Donna & Wilfred:

Weekend QTA 1 - Sender's Choice ATC:

I bought myself a new pack of markers, and I've been having fun drawing ATCs!  Goodness knows I'm no artist, but fun is fun!  Gonna start on a set of spring inchies for Tommie's upcoming swap today if I can swing it.  (Anyone want a toddler? ;) )

Monday, May 14, 2012

Seriously massive update.

Took a bit longer than expected - partially due to lack of time, and partially due to me deliberately putting it off because it's REALLY freaking awkward to use my laptop right now.  I cannot WAIT until I can spring for a new desk!  (I have my eye on one in particular right now, but it's $400+tax, eeek!)

Picture spam ahoy!

2 for 1 ATC Sender's Choice #2:

3x3 Sender's Choice ATCs #3:

Angeled yellow ATCs (darn flakers!):

Avengers ATC #1 - Captain America:

Avengers ATC #2 - Iron Man:

5/14 Sender's Choice ATC:

CPG May Sender's Choice ATCs:

Doctor Who #5 (make-up swap) - partner chose Tenth Doctor & TARDIS:

For RainyC - May Wishlist inchies:

Gemstone ATCs #1 - Emerald:

Hand-drawn May Sender's Choice ATC:

I'll be doing my best to keep up with updates - I don't want to deal with this much at once again! D:  (And yes, photos are even worse than normal - lighting in here is a bit wonky 'til we get our new light fixtures installed.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm alive! (And will have photos soon.)

I have a whole whack of photos to post, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I do indeed have a craft room, but very little surface space - I absolutely HATE the lack of desk space in there right now.  I've been faithfully taking (crappy) photos of outgoing swaps, but have utterly failed in the uploading department.  I'll try to catch up tonight after my hubby is home to kid-wrangle!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

QUICK ATC swap #68, ATC color series - blue!, "N is for..." ATC

More stuff I failed to take photos of earlier.  The first one makes me smile - it's one of those magazine collage ATCs I mentioned earlier.  (Tarzan & Jane are from a gardening glove ad, of all things!)

QUICK ATC swap #68:

ATC color series - blue!:

"N is for..." ATC:

I think that's everything I have made for coming-up-quickly! swaps.  If not, I guess I'll be posting again soon. :P

I need some more ATCs in my collection! swap

Waitin' on partners to be assigned for that swap, but here we go:

Almost all of my craft stuff is packed up, but I found myself wanting to randomly create something today.  I happened to get a little greenhouse advertising magazine in the mail today, so I ended up making a few collage-type ATCs.  I don't think I've EVER made magazine collage ATCs, but it was super-fun and relaxing.  I'd make a couple more with the remnants of the magazine, but I ran out of glue stick!  (I'll have to buy more soon.)

Need to knock out more Doctor Who ATCs, especially the two I need to make for the catch-up swap - Tenth Doctor & the TARDIS - but again, supplies are packed up.  I'll try to finish those two with what I have on hand, but that might prove to be impossible.  Worst-case scenario, I have to wait until after the weekend to finish them, but I -hate- having swaps with assigned partners on my dash and not sending them out right away!  They'll get done in plenty of time, but I like being early, darn it!

Hubby is bringing me more boxes home tonight, so I'm going to pack up absolutely everything we don't totally NEED when he gets home tonight.  I'll leave out swap supplies/finished swaps that will be mailed before the weekend, clothes for each of us for a few days, personal products, and minimal cooking supplies...everything else is getting boxed!  It's gonna be a loooong night, but I want to have everything ready to go for tomorrow!  That way, we just have bulky stuff left to tackle on the weekend.  I want to be officially moved over after Saturday.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

QUICK ATC swap #67, 5/7 Sender's Choice ATC, Futurama ATCs #4

First, I have to say this: Moving SUCKS.  Completely.  And now, I have some photos.

QUICK ATC swap #67:

5/7 Sender's Choice ATC:

Futurama ATCs (round 4), Amy & Prof. Farnsworth:

I'm tired, and I'm sick of being sick.  I've been pushing myself a bit too hard lately too, which isn't helping...but we have so much to do!  We got the keys around 4PM yesterday, but it's hard to get stuff done with two young kids in tow.  Two of my brothers came with me to the new place today (while my "big kid" is in school, so I just had my toddler) and one watched the kidlet so I could get some cleaning done.  We picked up a couple of baby gates, so she was safely penned into the living room/dining room area with a bunch of toys.  MUCH easier that way!  I'll be SO happy when we're settled in. D: