Monday, May 14, 2012

Seriously massive update.

Took a bit longer than expected - partially due to lack of time, and partially due to me deliberately putting it off because it's REALLY freaking awkward to use my laptop right now.  I cannot WAIT until I can spring for a new desk!  (I have my eye on one in particular right now, but it's $400+tax, eeek!)

Picture spam ahoy!

2 for 1 ATC Sender's Choice #2:

3x3 Sender's Choice ATCs #3:

Angeled yellow ATCs (darn flakers!):

Avengers ATC #1 - Captain America:

Avengers ATC #2 - Iron Man:

5/14 Sender's Choice ATC:

CPG May Sender's Choice ATCs:

Doctor Who #5 (make-up swap) - partner chose Tenth Doctor & TARDIS:

For RainyC - May Wishlist inchies:

Gemstone ATCs #1 - Emerald:

Hand-drawn May Sender's Choice ATC:

I'll be doing my best to keep up with updates - I don't want to deal with this much at once again! D:  (And yes, photos are even worse than normal - lighting in here is a bit wonky 'til we get our new light fixtures installed.)

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