Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend QTA 3 - Sender's Choice ATC

Another day, another ATC.  Exciting!  (Okay, not really.)

Being a homeowner stinks sometimes.  Just got a quote from Sears to re-carpet our five year old's room...and it's scary.  (Way higher than expected!)  Overall, I'm very happy with the move, but damn!  We probably need to replace the fridge too, which really sucks.  That's something we wanted to do anyway, but not yet!  Might not have a choice, though.

Still sick-but-functional.  My belly still isn't stable, and it doesn't seem to matter WHAT I eat. :(  I can eat, and I can keep everything down, but I'm constantly nauseous.  (And no, I'm not preggers.)

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