Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I need some more ATCs in my collection! swap

Waitin' on partners to be assigned for that swap, but here we go:

Almost all of my craft stuff is packed up, but I found myself wanting to randomly create something today.  I happened to get a little greenhouse advertising magazine in the mail today, so I ended up making a few collage-type ATCs.  I don't think I've EVER made magazine collage ATCs, but it was super-fun and relaxing.  I'd make a couple more with the remnants of the magazine, but I ran out of glue stick!  (I'll have to buy more soon.)

Need to knock out more Doctor Who ATCs, especially the two I need to make for the catch-up swap - Tenth Doctor & the TARDIS - but again, supplies are packed up.  I'll try to finish those two with what I have on hand, but that might prove to be impossible.  Worst-case scenario, I have to wait until after the weekend to finish them, but I -hate- having swaps with assigned partners on my dash and not sending them out right away!  They'll get done in plenty of time, but I like being early, darn it!

Hubby is bringing me more boxes home tonight, so I'm going to pack up absolutely everything we don't totally NEED when he gets home tonight.  I'll leave out swap supplies/finished swaps that will be mailed before the weekend, clothes for each of us for a few days, personal products, and minimal cooking supplies...everything else is getting boxed!  It's gonna be a loooong night, but I want to have everything ready to go for tomorrow!  That way, we just have bulky stuff left to tackle on the weekend.  I want to be officially moved over after Saturday.

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