Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A slight improvement...sort of.

I really do mean 'sort of'...I've been uploading pictures regularly, but haven't been blogging. Everything has been a little chaotic here over the past few days, between the holiday weekend and both kids coming down with colds. My four year old is holding up okay, and the baby is a major trooper (she's still happy!) but night is a bit of a different story. The baby is having major trouble sleeping, and since her crib is right next to our bed...yeah. I'm exhausted, but alive! Hopefully they're on the mend soon.

Anyhoo, on to the crafties!

Sender's choice inchies:

Eight-themed ATCs:

All 20 ATCs I made for the mega-with-a-twist swap:

P Q R S T ATC set:

Next up/on-the-go: Three nine-themed ATCs. Three zero-themed ATCs. More random inchies, and some random twinchies. Color ATC set - one red, one orange, one yellow. One random skinny card. U, V, W ATCs. X, Y, Z ATCs. More stuff I can't remember, I'm sure.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tsk tsk, me.

So I've been bad about updating my blog, because I absolutely HATE uploading pictures to my computer. See, my four year old daughter has (unintentionally) dropped my camera. Twice. Now, it's a major hassle to upload pictures to the computer - you have to hold the USB cord a certain way, because the port? where you put it into the camera is wiggly, and you can hear something rattling around inside. (Healthy, right?) And then, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, pictures will upload.

Well, I paid for my neglect. My laptop went weird, and hubby ended up having to do a restore...so I lost a few pictures. Boo me! Anyway, here's what was still on the camera:

Six-themed ATC for a private swap:

Seven-themed ATCs:

April's kawaii ATCs:

And yes, I've learned my lesson - I will upload photos and update my blog regularly. ;)

On-the-go: Finishing this block of alphabet ATCs. (P Q R S T - R, S and T are done, Q is half done, P hasn't been started yet.) The remainder of the ATCs I need to knock out for the mega-with-a-twist swap - done 14, need six more. Random inchies. Three eight-themed ATCs. Three nine-themed ATCs. Three zero-themed ATCs. U, V, W ATCs.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Six-themed ATCs, sender's choice skinny.

Finished my six-themed ATCs:

And my sender's choice skinny:

The skinny is only my third-ever, so I'm fairly happy with it, all things considered. :) I've made a few random ATCs and inchies, but not going to bother with photos until the sets are finished/they're going towards a specific swap/tag/whatever.

On-the-go/next up: Three seven-themed ATCs. Two kawaii ATCs. P, Q, R, S, T ATCs. Three eight-themed ATCs. Three nine-themed ATCs. Three zero-themed ATCs. A whole whack of random ATCs.

Also attempting to sort/destash my growing craft hoard, and will be posting photos of my un-needed goodies to swap on Flickr. Would clear some space and hopefully get me some things I need in return! (Like white ATC blanks...I'm completely out, ack!)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy, busy.

Oh, crafting time, how I miss thee; let me count the ways. Okay, so time is not my friend these days. Even when my four year old is at school on Monday and Wednesday, I still have the (giant) squirt at home. She might be a happy baby, but she's still a baby...and she's extremely mobile these days. She's currently attempting to roll under her change table, and is (thankfully) unsuccessful so far.

Ms. Happyface attacking a throw cushion:

April sender's choice inchies:

April sender's choice twinchies:

ATC addicts: Favorite colors ATC pair for Emika (yeah, she likes blue ^_~):

On-the-go/next up: A sender's choice skinny. Three six-themed ATCs. Three seven-themed ATCs. Two kawaii ATCs. A whole whack of random ATCs - I'm gonna need 20 total for the mega swap I'm hosting, and getting them tackled ahead of time would be a good plan. (I have four done. Sixteen to go! :P) Living through work this weekend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Random stuff.

A bunch of stuff all at once - yay?

CPG April inchies:

3 for 3 ATCs:

CPG April ATCs:

Numbers ATC - 5:

Weekend QTA8 ATC:

On-the-go: Lots, as usual. The focus is 10 twinchies. Once I finish those, I have to make a sender's choice skinny card.