Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy, busy.

Oh, crafting time, how I miss thee; let me count the ways. Okay, so time is not my friend these days. Even when my four year old is at school on Monday and Wednesday, I still have the (giant) squirt at home. She might be a happy baby, but she's still a baby...and she's extremely mobile these days. She's currently attempting to roll under her change table, and is (thankfully) unsuccessful so far.

Ms. Happyface attacking a throw cushion:

April sender's choice inchies:

April sender's choice twinchies:

ATC addicts: Favorite colors ATC pair for Emika (yeah, she likes blue ^_~):

On-the-go/next up: A sender's choice skinny. Three six-themed ATCs. Three seven-themed ATCs. Two kawaii ATCs. A whole whack of random ATCs - I'm gonna need 20 total for the mega swap I'm hosting, and getting them tackled ahead of time would be a good plan. (I have four done. Sixteen to go! :P) Living through work this weekend.

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