Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tsk tsk, me.

So I've been bad about updating my blog, because I absolutely HATE uploading pictures to my computer. See, my four year old daughter has (unintentionally) dropped my camera. Twice. Now, it's a major hassle to upload pictures to the computer - you have to hold the USB cord a certain way, because the port? where you put it into the camera is wiggly, and you can hear something rattling around inside. (Healthy, right?) And then, IF YOU'RE LUCKY, pictures will upload.

Well, I paid for my neglect. My laptop went weird, and hubby ended up having to do a I lost a few pictures. Boo me! Anyway, here's what was still on the camera:

Six-themed ATC for a private swap:

Seven-themed ATCs:

April's kawaii ATCs:

And yes, I've learned my lesson - I will upload photos and update my blog regularly. ;)

On-the-go: Finishing this block of alphabet ATCs. (P Q R S T - R, S and T are done, Q is half done, P hasn't been started yet.) The remainder of the ATCs I need to knock out for the mega-with-a-twist swap - done 14, need six more. Random inchies. Three eight-themed ATCs. Three nine-themed ATCs. Three zero-themed ATCs. U, V, W ATCs.

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