Monday, April 11, 2011

Six-themed ATCs, sender's choice skinny.

Finished my six-themed ATCs:

And my sender's choice skinny:

The skinny is only my third-ever, so I'm fairly happy with it, all things considered. :) I've made a few random ATCs and inchies, but not going to bother with photos until the sets are finished/they're going towards a specific swap/tag/whatever.

On-the-go/next up: Three seven-themed ATCs. Two kawaii ATCs. P, Q, R, S, T ATCs. Three eight-themed ATCs. Three nine-themed ATCs. Three zero-themed ATCs. A whole whack of random ATCs.

Also attempting to sort/destash my growing craft hoard, and will be posting photos of my un-needed goodies to swap on Flickr. Would clear some space and hopefully get me some things I need in return! (Like white ATC blanks...I'm completely out, ack!)

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