Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend QTA 19 - Sender's Choice & green inchies.

Yep, just one ATC and one set of inchies for this post - exciting, hmm? ;)

What's ACTUALLY exciting? I got mail today! Lots and lots and LOTS of mail. :D Two doll wigs I've been waiting on (which is perfect timing, as the dolls they're destined for just shipped last night!), some coupons, and oodles of swap goodies. Yayyy happy mail! It took me about an hour to open everything, sort it all out, and thank and/or rate everyone - whew! It's SO nice to be receiving mail again. :)

On-the-go: Finishing four sets of six 'sender's choice' inchies - just need to do a few more. Doing a set of four 'sender's choice' ATCs for a private swap - two are done, one is almost done. Need three 'sender's choice' twinchies - one is done.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pink ATC, lots of inchies for Laura!

First up - Canada Post's strike is over! Hubby and I went to a store to pick up a few things, and I brought my mail on the off-chance I'd be able to mail it today...and they were open, woo! So relieved to not have overdue swaps hanging over my head anymore, and that my partners will get their swaps! :)

That being said, here's a couple more photos! (Both swaps went out today as well.)

PC Pink ATC:

36 inchies for Laura (private swap):

On-the-go: Not much that's specific. Doing a green inchie swap that calls for five inchies each for two partners - I'm done all five, but I want to make six for each, as usual. (So two green inchies to go.) Beyond that, I just have sender's choice-type stuff to make - a bunch of inchies, two more twinchies, and a couple of ATCs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Even MORE ATCs and inchies.

Okay, time for another round of 'battle the camera into uploading photos and place them all on my craft blog'. Yay?

Inchie and a twinchie swap (NOT the private one):

ATC addicts June WTA:

Alphabet ATCs (X, Y, Z) and ATC addicts June sender's choice (all are going to the same lady):

And finally, my Sticker Slapper inchies:

Now, it's sounding like the government will be forcing Canada Post employees back to work if they don't reach an agreement by Thursday. Whatever happens, I hope it happens soon - I'm absolutely SICK of this! I hate having things ready and waiting to mail, and not being able to do anything with them. I hate that my partners are having to wait longer than normal, more than anything. :( (Everyone has been very gracious about this so far, which I appreciate more than words can say.) And I hate missing out on cool swaps, but I've missed out on several so far.

*sighs* Because I haven't been joining new swaps, I have next to nothing on the to-do list. Two more random twinchies. A few more random inchies for the private swap with Laura. (I probably have enough on hand, but more can't hurt!) I'll just be crafting randomly in the meantime, dreaming of a day where I can send & receive mail again.

...now that I think about it, I'm probably going to have a massive landslide of mail in the first few days it's moving again. My poor mail lady. :P

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A whole whack of ATCs, and some inchies.

Gosh, I've been terrible with uploading photos! I've been better about actually TAKING said photos, but as for uploading them...they tend to linger on my camera until I finally break down and fight them onto my computer. I'm sure I'll be better about it whenever we get around to getting a new camera, but that just isn't a priority right now. ;)

June's sender's choice inchies (Paper Passion):

A bunch of ATCs for the ephemera+ ? catch-up swaps:

CPG June sender's choice ATCs:

Weekend QTA 17 ATC:

I finally finished that brown ATC! Pink, brown, black and/or white swap:

Private inchie and a twinchie swap:

Private ATC swap:

Next up/on-the-go: X, Y, Z ATCs. 10 'sticker slapper' inchies. I probably already have some inchies made that'll work for this, but I'm definitely not against an excuse to make more! ;)

(Oh, on an inchie tangent - I'm just waiting for my fourth (of five) set of alphabet inchies to finish my second 16x20 canvas. I now have two full 12x16 twinchie canvases, one full 12x16 inchie canvas, and another one roughly half full. Wee! I'll take a photo of them one of these days.)

I've been working on some needlework ATCs - they take a long time and are really hard on my lame hands/thumbs/wrists, but look nice (I think)! I also picked up a tiny kitty punch, which I've been playing with. Oh, and I picked up Mod Podge, which I've never tried before...that could be interesting. I got the shimmery kind, if that matters. If anyone has any advice or thoughts on Mod Podge use, please share! :D

Friday, June 3, 2011

Random ATCs & weather inchies.

Here are a bunch of random ATCs I've made that are going out towards a few different people's wishes for the month on swap-bot:

Plus my set of weather inchies (with a random inchie hitchhiker):

So far, Canada Post is just doing rotating strikes, and it hasn't affected my city directly yet...I'm still hoping this nonsense gets cleared up before it gets worse!

Still haven't done the stitching on that brown ATC I pieced together the other day...will do that this weekend. Still need to do X, Y, Z ATCs.

I've been making a ton of random inchies lately, and have been doing kawaii inchies over the past couple of days. I have a TON of random kawaii bits and bobs (stickers, memo sheets, etc) to use up, so I'm working on breaking down that stash and making something fun with it! :D

I've slowwwwly been destashing as well - sending out a bunch more wishes of random crafty goodies to a bunch of people. (Doing 10 total this month, split evenly between two groups.) I like making mailboxes happy! :)

And as an aside, I'm sick of being sick. I'm STILL sick, and it's gotten old. x_x

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend QTA 16 & dozen inchies with a twist swaps!

See, I really AM trying to get better about posting photos of ATCs made for sender's choice-type swaps! ;)

The ATC for Weekend QTA 16:

Aaand, the inchies for 'Dozen inchies SWAP; With A TWIST!':

Please note - the top set of inchies was NOT MADE BY ME! (I actually have no idea who made them, as I acquired them in a swap from someone who got them from someone else, possibly not even from a swap-bot swap.) The swap called for at least six inchies you make yourself, plus another six. (Including them in the photo so I have proof of what I'm sending...eww possible strike!)

Pieced together that brown ATC I mentioned - just waiting 'til later today when the baby isn't asleep so I can stitch it together! Still have to do the X, Y, Z ATCs though.

And still have to attempt to organize my craft stuff better. That might happen some day.

Oh, and I still have to stick cereal box backings on a hoard of machine-sewn ATCs I made, but that has to wait until I can get to the store and get more glue tape...probably this weekend.