Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend QTA 16 & dozen inchies with a twist swaps!

See, I really AM trying to get better about posting photos of ATCs made for sender's choice-type swaps! ;)

The ATC for Weekend QTA 16:

Aaand, the inchies for 'Dozen inchies SWAP; With A TWIST!':

Please note - the top set of inchies was NOT MADE BY ME! (I actually have no idea who made them, as I acquired them in a swap from someone who got them from someone else, possibly not even from a swap-bot swap.) The swap called for at least six inchies you make yourself, plus another six. (Including them in the photo so I have proof of what I'm sending...eww possible strike!)

Pieced together that brown ATC I mentioned - just waiting 'til later today when the baby isn't asleep so I can stitch it together! Still have to do the X, Y, Z ATCs though.

And still have to attempt to organize my craft stuff better. That might happen some day.

Oh, and I still have to stick cereal box backings on a hoard of machine-sewn ATCs I made, but that has to wait until I can get to the store and get more glue tape...probably this weekend.

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