Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A whole whack of ATCs, and some inchies.

Gosh, I've been terrible with uploading photos! I've been better about actually TAKING said photos, but as for uploading them...they tend to linger on my camera until I finally break down and fight them onto my computer. I'm sure I'll be better about it whenever we get around to getting a new camera, but that just isn't a priority right now. ;)

June's sender's choice inchies (Paper Passion):

A bunch of ATCs for the ephemera+ ? catch-up swaps:

CPG June sender's choice ATCs:

Weekend QTA 17 ATC:

I finally finished that brown ATC! Pink, brown, black and/or white swap:

Private inchie and a twinchie swap:

Private ATC swap:

Next up/on-the-go: X, Y, Z ATCs. 10 'sticker slapper' inchies. I probably already have some inchies made that'll work for this, but I'm definitely not against an excuse to make more! ;)

(Oh, on an inchie tangent - I'm just waiting for my fourth (of five) set of alphabet inchies to finish my second 16x20 canvas. I now have two full 12x16 twinchie canvases, one full 12x16 inchie canvas, and another one roughly half full. Wee! I'll take a photo of them one of these days.)

I've been working on some needlework ATCs - they take a long time and are really hard on my lame hands/thumbs/wrists, but look nice (I think)! I also picked up a tiny kitty punch, which I've been playing with. Oh, and I picked up Mod Podge, which I've never tried before...that could be interesting. I got the shimmery kind, if that matters. If anyone has any advice or thoughts on Mod Podge use, please share! :D

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