Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh, the random...

This is a sign that I really, REALLY need to consider investing in a new camera. As always, I'm continually crafting SOMETHING, but getting the pictures onto my computer is I delay, delay delay. Then I'll have a day like today, where I add a ton of photos at once and forget which specific swaps things were for. Oops.

Anyway, the stuff!

Kawaii ATCs (two separate swaps):

Sender's choice inchies:

Skull-themed ATC (forum tag):

Sender's choice ATCs:

Random ATCs (towards group members' wishlists):

Halloween ATCs:

And finally, some of those Christmas ornaments I've been rambling about for a while:

I actually made a few sets of those ornaments, but only bothered to photograph one - I just might list them on Etsy. :D

I have lots of random stuff on the go - more (different) Christmas ornaments, a few scarves, doll bracelets to list on Etsy, even MORE fabric yo-yos. Need to work on a new set of alphabet inchies too - someone started another swap series, so I -had- to join, naturally. (I had fun with the last set, so I couldn't NOT join!)