Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lots of stuff.

All those Doctor Who ATCs and whatnot I mentioned earlier? Finished. Yay!

Yellow Flower ATC & Pointy Hat ATC:

Pete & Jackie Tyler ATCs:

Martha Jones & Mickey Smith ATCs:

The Tenth Doctor & the TARDIS ATCs:

Donna Noble & Wilfred Mott ATCs:

I also finished a C-is-for ATC for that private swap I mentioned, but not going to bother with photos 'til I have the set completed. Still need to finish the Batman & Penguin ATCs, a hand-drawn ATC, some me-themed inchies for a swap I just posted...and more stuff I can't think of right now.

Same Supplies Twinchies.

Didn't expect to have this on my crafty-itinerary for today, but my supplies arrived today! The swap only called for three for each partner (plus a set of three for the lovely hostess) but I was having fun! ;)

So, without further ado, the twinchies:

Stickin' Dymo labels on my Doctor Who ATCs now! I ran out of black Dymo tape, so some of them have red...not what I was going for, but it'll do.

Bright & Colorful map ATC

Actually finished this last night, but the Stickles were drying, so here we go.

Bright and Colorful map ATC:

Also finished my yellow flower ATC and pointy hat ATC last night, but they're currently being squished flat - hopefully photos later today. My Doctor Who ATCs are done being squished, and I'll be doing the Dymo labels once I get some breakfast into my squiggly toddler! (It's cookin' now.)

Alsoalso - doing a private swap for the A-through-E ATCs I missed, so I need to get crackin' on those as well! :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book page ATC

Okay, that other ATC I mentioned is done being squished, so here we go.

Book page ATC:

That swap is turning out to be HUGE! I used a French dictionary page for the background, doodled a design, colored it in, and covered it with this cool dark green meshy stuff.

Map inchies & 'Draw on a book page' ATC.

Yep, finally tackled the map inchies. Also did an ATC for the 'Draw on a book page' ATC swap in the Paper Passion group. Alsoalso did another ATC, but it's currently being squished flat, so no picture.

Map inchies:

Draw on a book page ATC:

Still need to finish off those Doctor Who ATCs, but they're being squished flat before I glue the Dymo labels on. Lots of other random stuff on-the-go, but nothing else finished just yet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

G is for...ATC.

Yep, I went with green for the G ATC, if you can't tell. ;)

I did basically complete a bunch of Doctor Who ATCs, but I still have to crack out my vintage Dymo label-majig and finish them off...either later tonight, or more likely, in the morning. (I don't want to deal with E6000 right now!)

I -finally- got to Fabricland and bought a pack of flexible thimbles, but as it turns out, they're pretty well useless for my purposes. :( On a positive note, I also bought a new tape measure for $2 (reg. $6.98) and two spools of fun-colored Coats & Clark thread for $1 a for me! I should have bought more thread while I was there and it's on sale, but oh well. Also made it to Michael's and bought a jar of matte Mod Podge. (And more 14-count canvas for ATCs.)

Still haven't figured out my map inchies...tomorrow, hopefully. Running out of time! I like having things done before the swap sign-up deadline.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Color Me Pink ATC.

Finished off my pink ATC today:

Tomorrow, I'll work on my Doctor Who ATCs and figure out what I want to do for my map inchies. :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

CPG green ATCs.

Got that green ATC finished after all, so here we go! (The color is pretty off, since it's dark and the lighting in my house sucks, but oh well.)

I really, REALLY need to get a soft thimble...I'm getting a crater in the tip of my right middle finger again, and it's gonna turn into a hole soon like last time. Took forever to heal. D:

Book page inchies.

Happy birthday to me~! I'm "only a little bit old" according to my five-year-old, so I guess I'm doing okay. (Ripe old age of 27, hah!) I've been doing a bunch of tidying/multi-tasking today, but I managed to knock out my book page inchies!

6 book page inchies:

I finished one green ATC, but not going to bother posting 'til I finish the second - it's approx. 1/3 done at this point. Pardon any typos: I have a squiggly toddler sitting on my lap as I type this post up!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More stuff!

Well, it took me a few hours, but I finished that owl ATC. (I remember why I did 3/4s of it and set it aside over a month ago - very annoying piece!) Still, I'm happy with how it turned out, and dearly hope my partner is as well...I spent a VERY long time on it. :3 (10 hours? Not really sure since most of the work was done before, but probably around there.)

QUICK ATC swap #59:

'Make an ATC for my favorite theme' public forums tag:

Bird ATC (the dreaded owl!):

Still need to work on everything else I mentioned last post. Not sure how much more I'll be able to get done today, though - gotta leave for Cameron's appointment in an hour.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More flowers.

I've been making a lot of these lately, it seems! One is for the flower ATC swap, and the other is for the 'F is for...' ATC swap.

I have several more on-the-go for nothing in particular - just more of my trying to use up random bits and bobs. (I've had aida ATC blanks cut for a long time, have random flowers to use up, and have about a million skeins of embroidery floss.) They take a while to make, but are fun to do! I hope that my partners like them. :)

Need to finish: Bird ATC! (Probably going to finish the cross-stitched owl I started a while back for this one, but we'll see.) Flower ATC mini-army. (I have two done and ready to be stitched to cardstock, a third almost-done, and a fourth drawn out and waiting to be started.) Also need to tackle: Other Doctor Who ATCs. Batman & Penguin ATCs. Book page inchies. (And tidying my house. Hahahaha, no - I'd rather craft!)

On a non-crafty note, Cameron gets hauled off to the doctor tomorrow for her 18-month shots & check-up, poor kid. She handles it (and everything!) well, but it'll still be a touch-and-go weekend. I'll be speaking to him about my iron levels while I'm there - I'm sure they're still abysmal. I'm tired of being tired all the time! :(

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mega swap.

Okay, got my photos taken for the mega ATC swap cards - it ended up with an even 20 participants, so we actually only needed 19 cards. (The Cinderella ATC on the end is still here, and will go towards a future swap, I guess!)

Currently working on - those Doctor Who series ATCs. Also doing a bird ATC, a flower ATC, and a few more ATCs for the upcoming super heroes swap line. (Hoping partners are assigned for the Spiderman set soon!)

I'm also working on using up random craft's an ongoing mini-project, I suppose. Goodness knows I have oodles of things to use in various crafts! I made a bunch of friendship bracelets and listed them on Etsy as well - I hadn't made them in years, so it was kinda fun! :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

And even more!

Yep, keeping up in the photo department!

Spiderman & Venom ATCs (plus twins!):

Ninth Doctor (love!) & Rose Tyler ATCs:

FEB Sender's Choice ATC & 2/27 Sender's Choice ATC:

Doing a mega ATC swap - partners should be assigned tomorrow. I don't think I've ever done one with a full 20 partners before, so this'll be fun! Lots of happy mail going out. :D (The only requirement for medium was to have done one element completely by you - I painted the backgrounds.) The ATCs are done; just need to manage a photo. Probably more like two or more photos, to make them all fit!

More stuff. ;)

So far, so good on keeping up with updating this. Here's to hoping I keep going...and that my camera doesn't die entirely, poor thing. :P

Private ATC swap with avarenity:

Mega ATC swap (Paper Cutz group):

Fabric ATC swap:

Blue ATC swap:

Spiderman/Venom/Doctor Who (first round) ATCs are done - I just need to put backings on them. Will probably have photos up later today. I'll be making at least a couple more of the flower cross-stitched ATCs over the next few days, as I have a bunch of ATC-sized aida cut already, and some yo-yos to burn. (Plus, there's an F-is-for ATC swap coming up!)

Will also be working on the next couple rounds of Doctor Who ATCs - next up is Jackie Tyler & Pete Tyler, then Martha Jones & Mickey Smith.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Private swap & robot ATC

Just a couple of pictures for today. Doing my best to keep up with uploading photos, so I don't end up with a clusterBLEEP of epic proportions like last time. :P

I'm doing a private swap with suki from swap-bot, for two ATCs and a set of six inchies:

And I also joined a robot ATC swap:

I went ahead and set up the first two swaps in my Doctor Who ATC line - the first is the Ninth Doctor and Rose; the second being Pete and Jackie Tyler. My ATCs for the first are completed but currently being smushed flat, so no photo just yet. (Same deal with the Spiderman & Venom ATCs.) Did part of the background bit for the second/third rounds and will attempt to complete them this weekend post-work.

Also on-the-go/upcoming projects: Finishing a cross-stitched ATC for a fabric ATC swap. More random stuff. Six book page inchies. Attempting to tidy my house more - I'm sorting through as much as possible now, so we've less to do when we're ready to move.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Okay, I couldn't handle waiting any more - I started swapping again. :P I'll just pay for Canada Post's mail forwarding service when we're preparing to move. I wish their PO box rental fees were more reasonable...I'd just rent one of those! ($140+tax a year for the smallest box - no thanks!)

Anyhoo, my first few swaps since my break:

"Put a Bird on it" ATC swap:

QUICK ATC swap #58:

Superman ATC swap (only one partner, but I made an extra):

The next swap in the "super hero" line is Spiderman + villain - mine are drying now. (I went with Venom for the villain!) I made twins for each of them too, just because.

Toying with the idea of starting a Doctor Who ATC swap series. I've already got a couple of ATCs drying - Ninth Doctor and Rose. I'll probably go ahead and set it up once I settle into swapping again...I'm just scared. Aside from postcard swaps, I RARELY host public swaps anymore. Too many flakers/jerks. But, I'd pretty much HAVE to make this line public to ensure a decent turn-out. Bleh. We'll see!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Okay, I knew I was behind on uploading craft photos, but I didn't realize it had been so long! Oops. I'm not quite sure where I left off, but I'll figure it out. This is gonna take a while! :3 Longest post ever?

I'm actually on mailed-swap hiatus - we'll hopefully be beginning the hunt for our first home very soon, so I didn't want to risk having things sent to me get lost in the shuffle. I really, REALLY miss swapping (and happy mail!), and I cannot wait to get back to my swap-heavy life! In the meantime, I've been crafting randomly, angel-ing people's flaked-on swaps and whatnot - fun! :)

Anyhoo, without further ramble, here is a massive pile-up of crafty photos in no particular order: