Monday, February 20, 2012

More stuff. ;)

So far, so good on keeping up with updating this. Here's to hoping I keep going...and that my camera doesn't die entirely, poor thing. :P

Private ATC swap with avarenity:

Mega ATC swap (Paper Cutz group):

Fabric ATC swap:

Blue ATC swap:

Spiderman/Venom/Doctor Who (first round) ATCs are done - I just need to put backings on them. Will probably have photos up later today. I'll be making at least a couple more of the flower cross-stitched ATCs over the next few days, as I have a bunch of ATC-sized aida cut already, and some yo-yos to burn. (Plus, there's an F-is-for ATC swap coming up!)

Will also be working on the next couple rounds of Doctor Who ATCs - next up is Jackie Tyler & Pete Tyler, then Martha Jones & Mickey Smith.

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