Thursday, February 16, 2012


Okay, I couldn't handle waiting any more - I started swapping again. :P I'll just pay for Canada Post's mail forwarding service when we're preparing to move. I wish their PO box rental fees were more reasonable...I'd just rent one of those! ($140+tax a year for the smallest box - no thanks!)

Anyhoo, my first few swaps since my break:

"Put a Bird on it" ATC swap:

QUICK ATC swap #58:

Superman ATC swap (only one partner, but I made an extra):

The next swap in the "super hero" line is Spiderman + villain - mine are drying now. (I went with Venom for the villain!) I made twins for each of them too, just because.

Toying with the idea of starting a Doctor Who ATC swap series. I've already got a couple of ATCs drying - Ninth Doctor and Rose. I'll probably go ahead and set it up once I settle into swapping again...I'm just scared. Aside from postcard swaps, I RARELY host public swaps anymore. Too many flakers/jerks. But, I'd pretty much HAVE to make this line public to ensure a decent turn-out. Bleh. We'll see!

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