Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More flowers.

I've been making a lot of these lately, it seems! One is for the flower ATC swap, and the other is for the 'F is for...' ATC swap.

I have several more on-the-go for nothing in particular - just more of my trying to use up random bits and bobs. (I've had aida ATC blanks cut for a long time, have random flowers to use up, and have about a million skeins of embroidery floss.) They take a while to make, but are fun to do! I hope that my partners like them. :)

Need to finish: Bird ATC! (Probably going to finish the cross-stitched owl I started a while back for this one, but we'll see.) Flower ATC mini-army. (I have two done and ready to be stitched to cardstock, a third almost-done, and a fourth drawn out and waiting to be started.) Also need to tackle: Other Doctor Who ATCs. Batman & Penguin ATCs. Book page inchies. (And tidying my house. Hahahaha, no - I'd rather craft!)

On a non-crafty note, Cameron gets hauled off to the doctor tomorrow for her 18-month shots & check-up, poor kid. She handles it (and everything!) well, but it'll still be a touch-and-go weekend. I'll be speaking to him about my iron levels while I'm there - I'm sure they're still abysmal. I'm tired of being tired all the time! :(

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