Friday, June 3, 2011

Random ATCs & weather inchies.

Here are a bunch of random ATCs I've made that are going out towards a few different people's wishes for the month on swap-bot:

Plus my set of weather inchies (with a random inchie hitchhiker):

So far, Canada Post is just doing rotating strikes, and it hasn't affected my city directly yet...I'm still hoping this nonsense gets cleared up before it gets worse!

Still haven't done the stitching on that brown ATC I pieced together the other day...will do that this weekend. Still need to do X, Y, Z ATCs.

I've been making a ton of random inchies lately, and have been doing kawaii inchies over the past couple of days. I have a TON of random kawaii bits and bobs (stickers, memo sheets, etc) to use up, so I'm working on breaking down that stash and making something fun with it! :D

I've slowwwwly been destashing as well - sending out a bunch more wishes of random crafty goodies to a bunch of people. (Doing 10 total this month, split evenly between two groups.) I like making mailboxes happy! :)

And as an aside, I'm sick of being sick. I'm STILL sick, and it's gotten old. x_x

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