Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More stuff!

Sick of being sick.  I can mostly eat again, though I'm definitely not at 100%...but here we go with a bunch of slightly-delayed photos!

ATC Gemstone Series #2 - Ruby:

Sender's Choice ATC x2, round eleven!:

ATC color series - pink!:

P is for...ATC:

PC~ Sender's Choice Twinchie Swap:

2 for 1 ATC Sender's Choice #3:

Avengers ATC Series #4 - Hulk:

I just want to sleep for the next month or so, okay?  I see my doctor in about two weeks, and I'm sadly REALLY looking forward to it.  Time for more thyroid testing, and I think it's medication time after that.  Would be nice to feel normal again! D:

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