Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catchin' up again.

I was actually trying to have a nap for once - my hubby booked this week off work so we could try to get caught up on painting and possibly relax a little - but no, my five year old is too loud.  (Shocker! :P)  Instead, I'll spend a bit getting caught up on blog photos! ;)

ATC Gemstone Series #3 - Diamond:

CPG June Sender's Choice ATCs:

ATC color series - brown!:

Asian twinchies:

6/11 Sender's Choice ATC:

Will be finishing a bunch of Doctor Who & alphabet ATCs shortly - just need to crack out the E6000 and glue their Dymotape labels on 'em. :D

I'm officially getting to the point where there are very few non-group swaps I'll enter.  Sad, but true.  Also sad-but-true - I was flaked on on the 'N is for...' ATC swap, by someone in my own city!  Never, EVER thought she'd flake on me...I dearly hope she comes back and rectifies things, but she's rackin' up the 1s at this point. :(  Sad sad.

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