Sunday, July 1, 2012

Even more messed-up hand...

Like my poor hand wasn't sore enough, it's worse.  Hubby and I tackled painting the front porch tonight, and I managed to gash the palm of my hand open on a nail.  It doesn't require stitches or anything, but it's nasty and really awkwardly bandaged - nothing will stay right, so I had to use multiple band-aids and wrap my whole hand with paper tape. :P  It hurts like crazy!  I scrubbed it with soap (ow) and attacked it with Polysporin, so here's to hoping it doesn't get infected.

Anyway, stuff!

Sender's Choice ATC x2, round 16!:

CPG July sender's choice ATCs (Global):

Weekend QTA 7 - Sender's Choice ATC:

July's three twinchies swaps:

July's one dozen inchies swaps:

PP & ATCA Hand-drawn ATC #2:

PP& ATCA Christmas in July ATCs:

Doctor Who ATC series #9 - Amy & Rory:

I think that's it for now.  I'll have the ATCs for Laura's mega swap up tomorrow. :)

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