Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twenty inchies.

Took me part of today, as I was just too wiped out after work to tackle them all (and cross-stitching takes a while!), but they're done! I'm going to need a few days' break before I do another cross-stitched ATC or should see the tip of my right middle finger. It's all red and irritated and full of dents/holes, as I use it to push the needle through. I really should learn to use a thimble when I sew, huh?

So yes - another private swap tackled! (And yes, her name is Laura. :P)

Next up - random ATCs (one for a private swap and two for a lovely lady who was a big factor in me getting started on ATCs in the first place), one elephant ATC (for a kind swap-bot member who liked my Quest for Knowledge ATC series and is sending me one just because, so I'm making her one like I made for my partner in return), a few themed ATCs, and a crazy amount of inchies!

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