Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is me, in ATC - count 'em: three.

Productive weekend - yay!

Managed to tackle all three of my 'This is me' ATCs today, which is a minor miracle. My poor finger has a horribly deep hole/crack in it from all of the needlework I've been doing, and hurts like crazy...I'm stupid. MUST buy that soft thimble! I slapped some Polysporin and double-Band-aided it, then finished my ATCs. Poor finger, having to deal with a craft-nut like me.

The pictures kind of suck, as the lighting in my house is TERRIBLE...the colors are way off.

SO! My favorite color (I have two: pink and orange, especially together!):

Something I love (kids, and cute!):

Something I fear (flying bugs, ugh):

Seriously, I will run away flailing and whining like a little girl if a moth or something gets into the house. I was never like this as a kid, but it's getting worse and worse as I get older...I'd actually call it a phobia now. *shudders*

On an ATC-related note, I'm almost out of those clear plastic sleeves - ahhh! I have plenty of tiny envelopes I made for them, but only a couple of sleeves left...this is bad. Not only do I send my own out in them, but many people don't seem to do this, and I put all the ATCs I receive in them and stick 'em on my wall. MUST find more to buy! D:

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