Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kawaii inchies & a sender's choice ATC!

Still feeling like utter garbage, but I -did- manage to see the doctor today. The verdict? No idea. He took a throat swab, confirmed that my tonsils are super-swollen (really? I had no idea!) and gave me a prescription for antibiotics to be safe. I really hope that they work quickly...especially considering how hard on the tummy they are! Oww...

Anyway! Kawaii inchies:

And an ATC for the ATC addicts club group swap I'm hosting. Yeah, it's sender's choice, but I asked her whether she preferred blue or green, and it turns out that blue is her favorite color! So, this is hers:

Finished three orange inchies, need to do two-three more. Still need to tackle those letter ATCs. Will hopefully get them all done soon. I'm beyond exhausted - I woke up at 1:30AM last night because I felt so terrible, and haven't slept since. Going to try to sleep now - wish me luck! :(

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