Saturday, February 5, 2011

Orange inchies!

It's first, when seeing the orange theme, I had NO idea what I'd do for them. I do love orange, but it's not as easy as the last color theme (blue) was to put together for me. In the end, they just came together on their own, with plenty of time to spare! (Partners will be assigned in a week.)

Made another twinchie for the sender's choice swap, so I still need to make six more - need five for each partner, ten total.

But my goal for the weekend is to finish the last two ATCs for that private swap I keep rambling about. I'll be doing a TON of early spring cleaning too. Speaking of, I need to get started! My parents will be here any time to take the kids for a bit so I can just clean. Yay?

EDIT -- Finished the I ATC, just need to do the N and my private swap will be ready to go! Should be no problem to finish it tomorrow. :) Actually managed to get a good chunk of cleaning/organizing done today too!

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