Tuesday, February 22, 2011

F, G, H, I, J ATCs!

If I were smart, I'd be in bed right now. Instead, here I am posting and debating re-naming this post, 'I think my eyes are falling out'. Super tired. Sick of being sick. Sick of cross-stitch.

But I finished my F-through-J ATCs, so that counts for something. Right? *crickets chirping*

Really though, these took a LOT of time & effort - I just hope my partner likes them! The funny thing? I'm sending these to the same person I was partnered with for my A-E set, so they're going to live with their card-y predecessors. :P Funny to have been paired with her again!


  1. A few random inchies to finish those sets.
  2. 8 zentangle inchies
  3. Housework and sleep (sleep unlikely, but I can dream!)

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