Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And even more.

Lots more stuff...yay?

Anything inchies:

Kaia's awesome ATCs (for a private swap):

6 kawaii inchies:

Sender's choice ATCs:

Skull ATCs:

Time ATC:

I've been making lots of random ATCs and inchies and whatnot lately, but probably won't bother posting a photo until they're going to something specific. Oh, and I finished a set of three kawaii twinchies for a swap, but didn't get a photo yet. ;) I'm still attempting to use up random bits from my stash, and it's slowwww going - there's a LOT of random stuff kicking around! I just got a bunch more used postage stamps to add to my already-growing hoard too...ATCs, maybe? I have a TON built up, but the supply is slowwwwly going down. (I just finished sending off all of the postage stamp ATCs I made in May, haha...now I have a ton from June!) Also, I have six ATCs and nine million twinchies waiting to be stitched, just need to whip out the sewing machine!

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