Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stuff, stuff, stuff~!

Lots of stuff! One day, I'll replace my poor day. This whole month has been one massive series of expenses after another, and it's only going to get worse - I still have Christmas shopping to do!

On-the-go: Two dozen Christmas-themed inchies. Need to finish my color series ATCs - they're all pieced, but I have to do the stitching and adhere them to backings. Finish the stitching on a bunch of twinchies. Finish a couple more ATCs for my brothers - will be matted and framed as part of their Christmas gifts. :)


  1. So pretty! I love the little dolls at the top! Cute stitching....hope you get a camera soon. I have to make do with my cell phone

  2. Love your crafts...especially the ATCs that have stitching on them.
    Just came over from swap-bot, checking out some of the work of the Advanced ATC makers...hope to get a swap from you someday.
    (I received an ATC yesterday that was pretty much crap, some cut paper on a piece of brown cardboard then taped over with packing tape.) See you on SB