Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/23 Sender's Choice ATC

Yep, I only have a single ATC to post for now. Exciting, hmm? :P

4/23 Sender's Choice ATC:

I've been packing up random stuff as constantly as my toddler will allow, the last few days. My house is kinda overflowing with boxes of random stuff everywhere. I really need to clear out space in the front porch to temporarily store them, but again, I need toddler-free time.

I have a couple little crafty projects to finish, and then I need to get all of my craft junk stored. I'd be done already if I didn't have Little Miss Rampage to contend with. *sighs* She's starting to hit that Terrible Twos stage, and she's not even two 'til August! She's climbing on the couch too, which is bad - she won't sit still, and I'm terrified that she'll fall off and hurt herself. (We have hardwood floors.)

We're off to the bank to finalize our financing paperwork tomorrow. Month's end is closing in fast!

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