Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sender's choice ATC x2, round nine

Sender's choice ATC x2, round nine:

Heard back from the bank, and all is well on that front. Just need to get through the inspection tomorrow, and all of the "scary" stuff will be done! Assuming there are no big issues, we'll be contacting a lawyer and finalizing the financing paperwork...and then just waiting 'til the end of the month!

Nothing much to report on a crafty-front - aside from an inchie swap that I can't start 'til partners are assigned, everything is either made already, or sender's choice.

Did a bunch more sorting in the basement this morning, and got rid of about a million boxes. (Good thing it was recycling pick-up day, hah!) Just need to sort through the rest of the kids' clothes, and the basement will be as done as I can get it before we're actually ready to move. Already sold all of the too-small baby clothing on Kijiji, yay! And yes, all of my formerly-too-small clothing now fits again, which is nice. Some of it is no longer my style (and headed to the thrift store), but I'll be keeping a decent chunk of it. :) Already picked paint colors for the new place, but holding off on buying it until we're closer to the end of the month, just in case...

Yes, I'm antsy. Does it show? ;)

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