Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The power of the breast ATC & 4/30 sender's choice ATC

More ATCs...woo!  Minor nudity ahoy.

The power of the breast ATC:

4/30 sender's choice ATC:

I'm still sick as hell, but I'm also still alive, so I can't be doing too bad.  I've gotten a few of those episodes where I'm absolutely freezing (regardless of the ambient temperature and how bundled up I am) and my fingernail beds turn purple and my lips turn white-blue...but on the whole, I think I'm slowly getting better.  My sinuses are less congested, but my chest is a tiny bit worse.  I've been taking my prescription faithfully, so hopefully that's making a difference!  I'm getting really sick of sleeping on the couch - I can't sleep much (and don't want to keep hubby awake) and can't prop myself up in bed enough to sleep there. :(

Still have SO much packing to do, and I'm getting a bit stressed out over it.  I -know- that most of it can't be done 'til the last moment, but I REALLY hate leaving things until the last minute.  It just isn't in my nature!  I like having things done well ahead of time.

Working on the backgrounds for my next batch of alphabet ATCs - should hopefully have them painted and drying (at worst) by bedtime tonight.  If I'm lucky, I'll have them completed and the Mod Podge drying by tonight!  Also need to do my last few rounds of Doctor Who ATCs - I'll attempt to tackle the backgrounds at the same time as my alphas.

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