Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Being sick sucks.

Unsurprisingly, I'm dealing with the cold from hell. Who knew that having two sick kids hanging off of you and using you as a human Kleenex would get you sick in turn? :P I really should have called in dead this past weekend at work, but I went in anyway. Money is money, right? *sighs* Anyhoo, today was the first day in the past week that I've felt almost-human, so it was a super crafty day! (Yayyyy Sudafed! Nothing else has even put a DENT in this.)

ATC addicts color series - green, blue and purple:

Numbers extra swap (plus a 5 ATC because the first went MIA in the mail):

I actually made a LOT more ATCs than I'm posting, but I generally don't post things unless they are full sets or are going towards a specific swap or something. Truth be told, I've actually been bad about mailing ATCs for sender's choice-type swaps without taking a photo first...oops! I will try to remedy that.

Next up/on-the-go: Some random inchies. Possibly some holiday/event inchies. One brown ATC to round off the final color series set - I've already done the pink one, and the black-and-white one. X, Y, Z ATCs. Maybe more stuff that I'm forgetting.

Getting rid of this cold would be pretty awesome too. x_x Both kids are down to super-nasty coughs for the most part. I'm still really sick, but am getting that cough now as well. Too bad Mommies don't get sick days, hmm? Hubby commented on how I'm way worse off than the kids, and they're pretty that's saying a lot. I told him it's because they get the benefit of some sleep, and I get none, plus I have to expend what little energy I have caring for them. He agreed, and told me to go rest. So I made crafty things instead. >_>

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