Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yay, Blogger is working!

That means it's time to upload a whole whack of photos! :D For whatever reason, my poor abused camera has been taking even worse photos lately...please bear with me! I really need to get a new one, one of these days.

I've been crafting a fair bit as per usual, but I've also been very other-ly occupied - not only did we get a new kitten, but the hubby and I have been working on clearing out the basement...what a can of worms. D:

Anyhoo, pictures!

A set of name inchies I made for a Wishlist group member's wish:

May's 10 twinchies:

May's kawaii inchies:

May's sender's choice inchie sets:

Sender's choice skinny #2:

ATC addicts color series (red, orange, yellow):

And last but not least, Mr. Nervy Kitten (his actual name is Koopa):

As usual, I have a lot of stuff on the go. Next up: Yellow inchie set for Laura. U, V, W ATCs. X, Y, Z ATCs. Attempting to wrangle my craft supplies into a manageable mess. More stuff I can't think of right now.

I'm cutting back on swap-bot a bit, and not hosting much (if anything) for the month of June...I've been flaked on and had to chase people around WAY too much lately. I'm experiencing major burn-out as a result, and need to take it easy before I lose interest in it entirely. I know that it isn't the userbase as a whole, but it's so completely frustrating...ugh. So yeah, that's why there isn't much crafty-to-do stuff listed - I'm not doing a ton of swaps, and lots of the ones I am doing are just postcard swaps and the like. I will be crafting random goodies and maybe joining a few random not-hosted-by-me swaps throughout my semi-hiatus, though!

Speaking of postcards - Postcrossing is fun! A few of my very first wave of sent cards have arrived, so I should have three coming to me from other people now, and was able to send out some new ones. Yay! :D

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