Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flower inchies and whatnot.

I've been crafting steadily, but not many full sets of anything. Lots and lots of random postage-stamp ATCs, some inchies, twinchies...yeah. I'll get to finishing up those sets ASAP and get more photos up, but for now, I have some inchies and stuff to post. ;)

These are for an upcoming flower-themed inchie swap. The swap calls for five, but I went ahead and made six anyway - I have the room on the card, so why not? ;)

Nine-themed ATCs:

Two-themed ATC (resend - apparently the first didn't arrive):

Next up/on-the-go: Lots, as usual. Need to finish my yellow ATC - did red and orange already. More random twinchies. One random skinny. U, V, W ATCs. X, Y, Z ATCs. Green, blue and purple ATCs.

Annnnd - I want to give dotee dolls a try! I'd never been interested in them until lately, so I really want to attempt to tackle one myself. Goodness knows I have enough fabric and felt and sequins and beads around here to do so! :P Here's to hoping they turn out well enough to swap!

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