Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kid ATCs, and inchies galore.

Someone is hosting a kids' ATC swap, and Kaia (my four year old daughter) was thrilled to make & trade her own ATCs. She makes them with me from time to time, but was SO excited to send them to other kids in the was cute. ;) I offered her whatever she wanted from my craft stuff, but she chose two pink textured ATC blanks and said she wanted to draw her own. Hey, more power to you, kid - I'm still scared to hand-draw mine! :P

So, without further ramble, some photos:

Kaia's ATCs (plus two by me I'm sending to the moms, because I can):

Punchie inchies:

Butterfly inchies:

Orange inchies:

I'm pretty sure that all three of those inchie swaps only call for five inchies for each partner, but I never can send less than six. They are fun to make and I have the room on the card, so why not? ;)

I've been busily making a TON of machine-sewn postage stamp ATCs lately. Seriously, I've made a few dozen this month. They actually take a fair bit of time to piece together, then they need to be stitched, then if they're not solid enough, they need to be attached to a stiff ATC blank...then labeled and yadda yadda. I'm making a good dent in my used postage stamp stash, using up random scrapbook papers I have, and having fun doing it. :)

I made a couple more sets of inchies today, but I'll take a photo tomorrow - one bird set, one cat set. Both are for swaps I'm hosting in about a month. (I'm taking the month of June away from hosting for the most part.)

Next up - X, Y, Z ATCs. One brown ATC.

(Oh, and I suck - I failed to sign up for the holiday inchie swap in time. Derrrrp.)

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  1. stop by my blog to see the cards we made that are on in the mail to you now…