Thursday, May 5, 2011

My first Dotee doll!

So I went ahead and gave it a go. I decided to use felt for my first one since it's easier to work with, but I'm sure I'll make more - and I'll start using my massive fabric hoard! ;)

She's about 5.5" tall, not including the hanger or tail. A bit big, as it turns out, but I'm pretty happy with her! I had no real idea what I was doing so I just sort of went for it...and this is what the end result was:

Bottom half:

Her cute face:

If I had blush, I'd give her some rosy cheeks. I debated giving her little pink felt cheeks, but opted against it.

I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to viably swap Dotees, because Canada Post is freaking evil and their pricing is insane. Unless I could manage to smush it between cardboard and get it to magically fit in their stupid slot-tester thing, it would be $7+ to send it to the US, and more to anywhere else, INCLUDING within Canada. Even if I COULD manage to get it to go via light packet, that's just under $3 to the US and just over $5 international...which would add up fast. We'll see if I can manage to pack them well enough to make it work!

I think this one will go live with my Mom as part of her Mommy Day gift. It's super-random, but I made it with love - hopefully she will like it! ;)


  1. you could just lightly brush her cheeks with a red marker, very lightly. that makes her blush as well... good job by the way! she's very pretty

  2. She's very pretty! I used to swap these all the time with other people on swap-bot. She's cute!