Sunday, October 17, 2010


I figure it's about time I started blogging about the random creations I've been crafting lately. I've always been rather craft-nuts, but ever since I joined swap-bot, I've had a reason to make random things. :P And so, this blog was born.

I've just started making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) - thanks, swap-bot, for giving me a new outlet for random creativity!

My very first ones:

Then, I made these:

The felt ones took a super long time to make - I sewed on every single sequin by hand! - but were a lot of fun, and I'm happy with how they turned out. I've already started making more sequin-studded bases for making more, including some Christmas-y ones.

I think my 'craft area' (AKA my computer desk) is going to explode.


  1. WOW! you sewed all the sequins?!!?! omgosh. that is beautiful! oh yah, i understand your "craft area" dilemma. my craft area has already exploded. i've expanded into ever single room in the house. hahahahah...

  2. Welcome to blog world. I love to see what others have been making around the world. And wow, you sewed each sequin on my hand?! Beautiful!

    mag x

  3. Welcome! My craft stuff used to fit in one rolling bag. Now I have taken over a good size corner of my spare room. I think your ATC's look great!

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