Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More projects!

My goal is to make at least ONE small craft project of any sort on any given day. This may not work out too well on the weekend due to work, but I'll try!

Yesterday's project ended up being coloring mandalas & assembling multiple envelopes to have on hand for sending ATCs out.

Today's project was a surprise even to me. Hubby was kind enough to take me out shopping for a few new craft supplies today, and among other things, I picked up more cardstock and some cool little bubble-y stickers. I received an ATC from a swap-bot swap in the mail later on in the day, and along with it, my partner was kind enough to include a little piece of vintage (1918) sheet music from a book and some French-language paper punches. Inspiration!

I just kind of went with it and these are what I came up with - Butterfly Sonata. I'm having an ATC kick lately. Very glad I discovered them - they're a wonderful outlet for random creativity. ♥


  1. i love those ATCs! very elegant. :) the envelopes are nice too! usually i get plain ol' envelopes in the mail. some mail art would be grand! :) keep up the wonderful crafting!

    hippofairy on Swap-bot

  2. I like the mandalas! Good job! I am following you now as part of Comment & Follow Blogger Swap on SwapBot.


  3. I just love making ATCs!

    I’m here from the Swap-Bot “Bloggers Swap” & now I’m following you.

    Have a great day,


  4. I'm stopping by from the Swap-bot Bloggers Swap. I love the projects you've been working on!

  5. Those are so beautiful, especially Butterfly Sonata. But then, I love music!

    (This is PisceanMama from Swap-bot for the Bloggers Swap!)

  6. Love the mandalas and the vibrant colors you used. And I love the butterfly paper punches, so precious and delicate. I like your goal and I am looking forward to seeing more art by you (:

    mag x (swapbot)

    P.S. I got you for both the 'Comment & Follow Blogger Swap' and 'Bloggers Swap!'

  7. Hi! I'm sillyna511, following from swap-bot!

    Those ATCs are beautiful! I haven't tried my hand at any ATC's etc, I don't think I'm creative or talented anough. :( But I love to see other people's great work!

  8. I like this things.

    I'm gaquero and i'm following from swap bot (blogger swap).

  9. Great ATCs!! I love the envelopes as well. I'm following you for the bloggers swap on swapbot (rachelscissorhands). Love your blog!!

  10. I love your ATC's. The lace with the butterflies and sheet music are fab. I have been wanting to try my hand at ATC but can't seem to find the extra time with all of my other crafty adventures right now. Keep up the great crafting.

    Comment & Follow Blogger Swap

  11. Beautiful. Atc's and Pc's are what kept me sane when my daughter was littler. You just have to be creative when you can, the goal of every day is wonderful.